5sec Snow

5sec Snow

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Plugin Popularity 4.0
Author Activity 5.0
  • 🎖 Plugin ranks 1,099 amongst 50,000+ plugins.
  • 🎂 This plugin is going to celebrate it's 11th anniversary after 10 months.


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#1 top selling snow script on CodeCanyon! Updated for 2016!

  • WordPress and non-WordPress versions bundled
  • works with all themes, CSS frameworks and site layouts
  • flakes don’t cover other elements on the page; you can click through them
  • melting and rotating effects for added realism
  • 8 options for snow customization
  • 8 flake types including colorful presents and Christmas ornaments
  • flakes can be turned into links for holding sweepstakes and easter egg type games
  • auto-disable snow on preset date
  • snow can be disabled on mobile devices
  • per-user snow disabling – any user can disable snow if he doesn’t like it
  • highly optimized jQuery code, only 3Kb
  • very easy to install on non-WP sites

Live demo

Note: flake rotation does not work in IE. Thanks MS!


v1.45 - September 24th, 2015
* minor bug fixes
* updates for 2016

v1.40 - September 14th, 2014
* minor bug fixes
* updates for 2015

v1.35 - February 5th, 2014
* minor JS fix

v1.30 - September 9th, 2013
* added new flakes
* added option to use minified JS in WP
* added option to hide snow on mobile devices
* JS code optimisation
* minor bug fixes

v1.20 - December 6th, 2012
* minor bug fixes

v1.15 - November 9th, 2012
* added option not to include jQuery (for poorly coded themes)

v1.1 - September 27th, 2012
* updates for season 2013
* added option to stop displaying snow on a selected date
* minor bug fixes

v1.05 - December 7th, 2011
* minor bug fixes

v1.0 - November 22nd 2011
* initial release