Admin Builder

Generates Wordpress Admin Panel functionality, modules, sections, metaboxes and fields of different types, easy and fast!

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Admin Builder is a tool that helps developers generate admin panel sections fast and easy. You can create unlimited meta
boxes with unlimited fields of different types ( textbox, textarea, select, radio buttons, timepicker , datepicker, colorpicker, media upload ) and multiple configurable options for each type. for posts and pages.
You can also create Unlimited Sidebars, Rest Routes, Admin pages with unlimited tabs, custom post types.
A few notes about the sections above:

  • All fields types, have , by default you can configure with a label and a description. The names of the fields need to be unique so they are managed automatically.
  • Select Option has the possibility to be custom, with values and labels for each choice, as well as automatically generating tags, categories, all posts, all pages to choose from.

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The plugin does not need any extra method of configuration/installation or any other information

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What can you generate

  1. Unlimited meta boxes
  2. Unlimited Field types
  3. Easy sorting of metaboxes or fields
  4. Configurable fields with options