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A WooCommerce conversion tracking pixel for Google Ads. Adds conversion tracking code to your ecommerce store.

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Importance of Conversion Tracking

Implementing Google AdWords conversion pixel or tracking code is extremely important for running successful AdWords campaigns. You can optimise your shopping, search or display campaigns only if you have the keywords’ or placements’ conversions data.
The new conversion tracking code released by Google in October 2017 is extremely hard to implement. One part of the tag should be fired in all pages and another tag should only be fired in the checkout page. Implementing Conversion Tracking code manually usually results in one or more errors.

Common Conversion Tracking Errors

Some of the major problems we have seen happening are as follows:

  • Duplicate conversions – conversions are counted multiple times instead of one resulting in an exaggerated view of the performance. This can also occur if the code is in any page other than checkout.
  • No conversion value – Most advertisers fail to successfully pass conversion value back to AdWords. Conversion value is important in optimising for ROI as the amount you would want to spend on a product of $5 will be very different from another of $100.
  • Incorrect code or tracking errors – This happens when advertisers make a mistake while creating the script. No conversions will be recorded in AdWords in this case.

AdNabu’s AdWords conversion tracking app allows you to implement a conversion code for your store without the need for any coding. You simply need to follow these steps:
* Install the app
* Connect your Google Account
* Select the AdWords Account (if you have multiple) That’s it!

Our software will add the adwords conversion tracking pixel script to the thank you page (order recieved page to register a conversion)
The conversion tracking pixel scripts are hosted on google cloud storage.

AdNabu ensures that your conversion pixel has the best practices of tracking implemented. Your campaigns will soon start showing the actual sales and conversion values in Google AdWords

Steps to Create Pixel

  1. Go to the Conversion Tracking submenu in AdNabu Menu and this will open Pixel Home
  2. Click on the Add Pixel button and you will be directed to AdNabu.com
  3. Login with your adwords account, upon successful login you will see a message with status of creation of pixel
  4. You can manage the pixels at the Pixel Home

We will be storing and managing your conversion tracking scripts at our servers.

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