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Implement Code Across Website

Automatically implement Google AdWords dynamic remarketing code across your website with special tags for add to cart, checkout etc.

No Manual Coding Required

Implementing this code manually would be extremely hard and can result in errors. AdNabu avoids this and installs without any manual effort.

AdNabu’s AdWords Remarketing app allows you to implement a remarketing pixel code for your store without the need for any coding. You simply need to follow these steps:

Steps to Create Pixel

  1. Go to the Adwords Remarketing submenu in AdNabu Menu and this will open the Pixel Home
  2. Click on the Add Pixel button and you will be directed to AdNabu.com
  3. Login with your adwords account, upon successful login you will see a message with status of creation of pixel
  4. You can manage the pixels at the Pixel Home

We will be storing and managing your remarketing scripts at our servers.

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What is Dynamic Remarketing?

Dynamic remarketing is a better version of remarketing where the ad shown to a user is influenced by the products visited. For eg: A user might see an ad for shirts if he had previously browsed shirts category. Dynamic remarketing is extremely effective for e-commerce companies due to high context.

Problems while setting up Dynamic Remarketing

Setting up dynamic retargeting is very hard. Two obvious requirements are Google merchant Center and AdWords account. Once these are setup, advertisers need to create a remarketing tag and implement them across the website with correct parameters. Manually editing theme files is the only manual way to do this which results in lot of errors.

AdNabu App for AdWords Dynamic Remarketing

AdNabu automatically creates the remarketing tag and implements it across all the pages. You do not have to edit any files or do anything manually. We will also create audiences in AdWords so that any new campaign can take advantage of them.

  • Previous customers
  • Customers who added to cart but did not purchase
  • Customers who visited product pages but did not add to cart
  • All customers who did not visit a product page