Advanced Store Locator for WordPress

Advanced Store Locator for WordPress

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This advanced Store Locator enables you to add and manage all your locations and their related information, and making it easy for your users to search and locate your stores or businesses on a Google Map. This plugin comes with 3 type of display: on a Google Map, on a list or both at the same time! Your users can enter their own address to locate your closest stores. The plugin also supports a street view display of your location and the ability to get the directions.


- Built-in interface to add, edit and delete stores.
- Categories management.
- Automatically geocode your store addresses.
- Ability to link stores to existing posts.
- Ability to automatically display stores information in related posts.
- You can add your store locator to any post or page using one shortcode.
- 3 types of stores display: in a Google Map or as a list, or both in the same time.
- Support of pagination using the AJAX technology.
- Ability to search the closest stores by given address or postal code.
- Supports Google Maps v3 (no API key required).
- Support distances in Km or in Miles.
- Customizable Google Maps (width, height, Map type, default zoom, number of pins…)
- Street View support.
- Ability to detect the users location and to display the closets stores

News and Updates

12 Jul 2016 – v2.4
- Added support for Google Map API key now required by Google and recommended

23 Sep 2015 – v2.3.1
- Fixed a small bug when displaying the streeview from the store details pages

12 Sep 2015 – v2.3
- Fixed a bug with the “Number of results by default” not applied when set to 0 and provoking other settings (like the default Map zoom) to not be applied

11 Sep 2015 – v2.2
- Updated the settings page with the latest Redux framework
- Added small improvements to the admin interface
- Added support for websites using SSL (https:// urls)
- Improved the front end interface and Map display
- Added classes to most elements in order to style the display more easily (All the styles are centralized in the style.css file)
- Fixed a bug related to a search made when the users refuse to share their location

27 July 2014
- Added the ability to display the Map and list in the same time (enabled by default)
- Added the ability to filter the results by distance
- Added a CSS file and some styles to make it easier to do some form customization
- New and cleaner backend interface
- Improved the Map loading time
- New widget enabling the visitors to make a search by address and get redirected to the locator page
- New ability to load the closest stores in the Map and/or list displays

25 Dec 2012
- Updated to support the latest WordPress version (v3.5)
- Fixed a minor issue with the streetview display settings
- Added a CSS to fix the conflict with the default WP themes
- Client geocoding supported instead of server side to avoid geocoding quotas limits

19 Dec 2011
- Added the directions support (To and From within the marker infowindow)
- Custom marker support for all stores (in addition to the categories custom markers)
- Ability to set the URL of the store locator in the settings, and get a redirection to it from the stores displayed in the widget for more information.
- General code improvements.

13 Oct 2011
- Fixed an issue with the related posts choices to attach to a store to be limited to 5 (updated to 500).

2 Oct 2011
- Support for custom markers that can be defined for each category and used on the Map (instead of the default Google Map marker).
- Added the ability to display a categories filter (powered by AJAX).
- New widget support enabling you to display the closest locations depending on the visitors location.

6 June 2011
- Categories support has been added in the backend and in the shortcode.
- Street view support has been added as a Map overlay (clicking on a link from a marker InfoWindow).
- Added a CSS for a beter InfoWindow display and to avoind the horizontal scrollbar.


- Permalinks should be activated on your WordPress.

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