Autoclear Autoptimize Cache

Autoclear Autoptimize Cache

Automatically clear Autoptimize cache if it grows larger then the allowed option.

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Autoptimize is a popular performance plugin for WordPress. Among other features, Autoptimize creates and builds cached versions of optimized asset files descreasing page loading times.

But left unchecked, those cached files can become very large. That can slow page loading, increase web server load, and use unuecessary amounts of disk space.

This companion plugin provides a way to set the maximum allowable cache file size for your site and, if that size is exceeded, automatically clears your Autoptimize cache and allows it to rebuild itself. That’s good.

Plugin Settings

  1. Navigate to WordPress admin dashboard -> Settings -> Autoptimize Cache Settings
  2. Select from one of the available Maximum cache file size options from the select menu and press the Save Changes button
  3. Please note: You obviously must have Autoptimize plugin installed for this plugin to work


  • Release first stable versions
  • Add a time based WP_Cron setting that will clear cache every few days, week, month, etc.
  • Internationalization improvements