Automatic YouTube Gallery

Automated YouTube galleries made easy! Automatically add videos uploaded to a YouTube user account, channel, playlist to your website.

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Create responsive, modern & dynamic video galleries by simply mapping a YouTube USERNAME, CHANNEL, PLAYLIST, SEARCH TERM or a custom list of YouTube URLs.

Demo | Documentation | Support | Premium Version

Key Features

  • Create unlimited galleries.
  • Automate your galleries using various YouTube sources like USERNAME, CHANNEL, PLAYLIST, SEARCH TERM, etc.
  • Build custom galleries using your handpicked list of YouTube video URLs.
  • GUTENBERG Block support.
  • Shortcode Builder for the OLD classic editor.
  • Widget to add the galleries in your website sidebars.
  • Themes (Classic Grid, Popup, Slider, Playlister) to customize your video gallery appearance. Themes other than the “Classic” are only supported in the Premium Version.
  • Built-in caching for quick page loads.
  • Most importantly, Clear & Beautiful Admin Interface.
  • [+] Hooks for Developers.

For even more controls & themes, check out our Premium Version.


This is a brand new plugin and currently available only in English. But, the plugin is translation ready and you can translate to your language easy.

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