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Backup Guard is the most complete back up choice for WordPress. We offer the easiest way to backup and restore your WordPress based website or blog. You can backup your files, database or both.


  • Unlimited backup - create as many backups as you want, there is no limit
  • Backup of files, database or both - you can create backups of your database or your files, or both
  • Unlimited restore - restore any backup file whenever needed
  • Download backup - download your backup files for migration
  • Import backup - upload your backup file to restore it right away
  • Backup cancellation - cancel the backup process while it is not finished yet
  • Manage backup - delete backups, view backup or restore log
  • Backup customization - you choose which folders you want to backup
  • Live backup or restore progress - precise progress of the current backup and restore process
  • WordPress multisite/network support

PRO features

  • Upload backup to FTP - upload your backup file directly to FTP
  • Upload backup to Dropbox - upload your backup file directly to Dropbox
  • Upload backup to Google Drive - upload your backup file directly to Google Drive
  • Scheduled backup - set the frequency and time to perform automatic backup
  • Background mode - perform backup in low priority mode
  • Mail notifications - get notified when a backup or restore gets finished
  • Emergency support - up to 24 hours

More info at

Based on our own backup technology, Backup Guard for WordPress is the best backup choice for WordPress based websites. Our goal is too simplify and minimize the backup and restore process of any WordPress based website and blog.

Backup Guard Provides

  • Fast Backup

    We provide backup service for large websites, while keeping the clock down, giving you the fastest archivation and restoration experience.

  • Reliable Backup

    Trusted by thousands of users, our software has been tested in dozens of different environments and backup is just as good as restoration.

  • Secure Backup

    Thanks to our own data archivation technology, your data is saved and restored in unique ways, maintaining it encrypted and safe.

Three steps

  1. Backup - create robust compressed archives of your files and database.
  2. Upload - upload your backups to the most popular cloud storages.
  3. Restore - rollback your data anytime you want, using a wizard. No extra knowledge is required.

This is how we operate

  • No extra libraries required
  • Support of very large sites
  • New archive format: faster and smaller than Zip or Tar
  • Lower CPU and RAM usage
  • Precise progress tracking
  • Ability to cancel the backup process if desired

Min. requirements for Backup Guard

PHP 5.3, zlib, WordPress 3.8