Backup WD – Backup and Restore Plugin

Backup WD is an easy-to-use, fully functional backup plugin that allows to backup your website.

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Peer Comparison

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1WordPress Backup and Migrate Plugin – Backup Guard570,000+4.5
2Backup WD – Backup and Restore Plugin1.89,000+3.8
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Backup WD
User Manual

Are you concerned that your website will be hacked, server will crash or data will accidentally be deleted? Having a backup plugin will give you peace of mind that your website is backed up and you’re protected from losing all your essential information.

Backup WD is an easy-to-use, fully functional free plugin for WordPress. It allows to save your entire site as an archived package, including database tables and files, quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

It gives you an ability to securely backup your site and automatically store it to the cloud storage of your choice without any technical know-how. Directly save these files into storage locations such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, GDrive. Archive your site files in 4 different formats, including Zip, Tar, Tar GZip and Tar BZip2.

This plugin for WordPress also supports automation and scheduling. Choose how often your site should be backed up based on the frequency of website changes. Keep the files and database tables your site automatically on a repeating schedule (daily, weekly, or monthly).

The plugin offers flexibility, so you can exclude the items that are not important or are unnecessary from the archived files.

Easily manage all your site database and file archives and logs, view and delete jobs, run new jobs with just a few clicks. Try the easiest and most efficient backup plugin for WordPress completely free.

Features of the plugin:

  • Create an unlimited number of backups,
  • Backup your entire site, including your database and files
  • Automatically send your files to Google Drive, Dropbox FTP and more
  • Wide variety of off-site storage locations
  • Choose what to keep (database tables, fils, or just everything)
  • Exclude specific files/folders,
  • Choose the format of archive packages – Zip, Tar, Tar GZip and Tar BZip2
  • View all your backup files in a list
  • Schedule your backups to run daily, weekly or monthly