BackUpSavvy wordpress plugin

BackUpSavvy wordpress plugin

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3BackupSavvy Child wordpress plugin1200+0 WordPress Plugin0.970+5
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7BackUpSavvy wordpress plugin0.8 0


BackUpSavvy is a backup plugin that allows you to backup all sites from
one admin panel.
It is a simple and comfortable wordpress backup platform.
You can create backups for all your wordpress sites and upload it on one
FTP storage by using this plugin.You can upload backup to any hosting
with the FTP access.
You also have the option to back up your database (needs mysqli)
BackUpSavvy allows you to store your backups in tar.gz, tar, zip, bz2
format (needs gz, bz2, ZipArchive).

โ€ข Complete backups of your database, and everything else you need to
restore your site from scratch.
โ€ข The backup of all files is done in the root folder
โ€ข Easy to set up and configure in just a few minutes โ€” no complicated
โ€ข Schedule backup using wordpress cron system
โ€ข Save backups in tar.gz, tar, zip, bz2 format (needs gz, bz2,