bbP Auto Block Spammers

A bbPress plugin that allows moderators to block bbPress spammers

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Allow your moderators to block spammers from using the forum.

Moderators can mark Topics and Replies as spam, but they cannot change the forum role of a user. This plugin allows them to block users without giving moderators additional access to wp-admin.

If a user exceeds the spam limit as set by the ‘Spam Limit’ field in bbPress Settings, the forum role for that user will be changed to ‘Blocked’, meaning they can no longer use the forums. If moderators unspam the posts by a user and the number of spam entries by that user falls below the Spam Limit, then the forum role for that user will be changed to ‘Participant’.

Site admins can review and set the number of spam flags, if any, for each user at the bottom of the Edit User screen in wp-admin.

This plugin is very lightweight. It does not manipulate posts. It only fires when a Topic or Reply is marked as spam or unspam.

For more information about this plugin, please visit bbP Auto Block Spammers