BuddyPress Better Registration

Make the registration process REALLY simple - reduce user resistance and increase community engagement.

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This plugin replaces the standard BuddyPress registration process. The new registration process is simpler, easier and more convenient for users, increasing their willingness to register. Practically all the new process asks users to provide is their email.

Once users have registered for an account and want to activate the account, the new process guides the new member through a multi-stage activation process, each stage of which can be skipped. Research shows that since the member has already invested the time and effort to activate account, he or she is likely to complete most, if not all steps.

Activation steps include providing a profile photo, joining groups, and finding friends! Research has shown that profiles with photos increase community engagement, as do popular groups and interconnections between members.

Now compatible with WP Social Login

WP Social Login enables your users to register/login using their existing social account IDs such as Facebook or Google.

If WP Social Login is enabled (and properly configured), then BP Better Registration gets the basic details and profile photo from the social network used for registration.

To make the most of WP Social Login compatibility, don’t forget to:
1. Visit WordPress Admin > Settings > WP Social Login > {Plug icon}, and enable BuddyPress.
2. Visit WordPress Admin > Settings > WP Social Login > BuddyPress tab, and enable profile mapping, and thereafter, map Social Network fields to BuddyPress x-Profile fields.