Block Options for Gutenberg Editor

Block Options for Gutenberg Editor

Manage your Gutenberg Editor Blocks better! Assign restrictions per devices and/or custom display logic.

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More controls over your WordPress Gutenberg Editor Blocks! Your all-in-one Gutenberg manager that will give you options to assign restrictions per devices, user logged-in/our state and custom display logic.

Block Options feature-packed options below each block settings tab to help you better manage your editor blocks. It’s main goal is to let you have better contents to serve your visitors on every devices and pages.


  • Show or Hide Gutenberg Blocks on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices
  • Gutenberg Editor Blocks Visibility per User Logged-in or Logged-out State
  • Custom Conditional Display Logic for Blocks Visibility
  • Show or Hide Gutenberg Blocks based on Advanced Custom Fields Plugin(ACF) Value

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Block Options for Gutenberg Editor is maintained and developed by Phpbits Creative Studio.