Block wp-login

This plugin completely blocks access to wp-login.php and creates a new secret login URL

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Block Access to wp-login.php

This plugin does the following:

1) Locates wp-login.php in your WordPress installation and duplicates it
2) Locates .htaccess and inserts lines to block the default wp-login.php and creates a new secret address to use for legitimate login
3) Allows you to reduce load on the server by optionally blocking admin-ajax.php, wp-cron.php, xmlrpc.php and robots.txt

When installed your server will return “403 Forbidden“ when attempts are made to access the default wp-login.php file. This has two benefits; it prevents hackers from using brute force methods to hack your website and it reduces the load on the server when such brute force attacks are launched on your site as WordPress isn’t run at all.