Bonzer Custom Fields Creator

create wide array of input fields at various location inside the wordpress admin panel.

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Custom Fields Creator is created to enable developers to create wide array of input fields at various locations inside the wordpress admin panel.
Locations in the wordpress admin panel where custom fields are applicable includes:

  • All Post Types
  • All Taxonomies
  • Pages: Dashboard (Home), Users (Your Profile), Settings (All Pages)


  • PHP >= 5.4
  • bonzer-custom-fields/inc directory must be writable


  • Powerful UI — manage everything on one page — no reload, no time waste.
  • 15 types of input fields.
  • powerful developer options builder.
  • One Field — various locations.
  • Fields Search and Filteration.
  • Move, Delete and Duplicate Fields.
  • Move, Delete Metaboxes.
  • 3 types of input styles.


See documentation at


support is currently provided via email. Mail me at