Boo Recipes

Boo Recipes

Easily add Recipes in user friendly way that generates SEO optimized recipes using microdata.

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What makes Boo Recipes so impressive is how easy it is to add new recipes, and it creates schema markups automatically.

This plugin uses the format that was jointly developed by Google, and other famous search engines, and is the most widely recognized. You can simply add multiple recipes from scratch, no coding needed. It is just as easy as copy, paste, select appropriate meta and publish.

If you are entering a new recipe from scratch, all you need to do is separate the lines of ingredients in ingredients farm and instructions in instructions farm. The plugin will add schema tags to each item itself.

This plugin makes it simple what Google and other search engines need to understand your recipes better. This is how you get your recipe thumbnails in Google search page.
Whatever layout you select recipes added using Boo Recipes are correctly formatted on the front end so that search engines can pull in additional information.

Archive Page Demo | Single Recipe Demo | Documentation
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Features include:

*Available only in Premium Version

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Extensive Documentation is available at
Documentation guides you about:

  • Installation
  • Updating the plugin
  • Uninstalling plugin with or without removing data
  • Adding a new recipe
  • Editing an existing recipe
  • Index / Archive page for recipes
  • Custom Taxonomies available
    • Recipe Category,
    • Skill Level,
    • Recipe Tags (Usage)
    • Recipe Cuisine*
    • Cooking Method*
  • Recipes with image sliders*
  • Video Recipes*

*Available only in Premium Version