Bus Booking Manager

Bus Booking Manager is a Bus booking Plugin for WordPress which is based on WooCommerce.

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This is one of the best and simple bus booking plugin in WordPress directory, Its used Woocommerce for making payment so Its freedom to use any payment gateway via WooCommerce. This plugin will run with Woocommerce but it will work as event post it will not take any effect on woocommerce products so if you want you can sale your product along with it.


  • Shortcode Powered
  • Unlimited Bus
  • Unlimited Category
  • Unlimited Boarding Point
  • Unlimited Dropping Point
  • Unlimited Pricing
  • Open Source
  • Responsive Design
  • Developer Friendly
  • Based on Woo-commerce
  • Works with any standards compliant WordPress theme
  • Plays well with other Plugins
  • 100% Customizable
  • Easy to modify templates
  • Template Override feature.
  • Live Demo

Shortcodes included with Bus Booking Manager

[bus-list cat='' show='']

By default showing all bus, but if you want to show bus list of a particular category you can use this attribute, just put the category id with this. example:

[bus-list cat='ID']

By default showing 20 bus per page. If you want to change it and set limit input the limit number. example:

[bus-list show='10']

To display the search form top of the page and search result bottom of the search form.


To display only the search form. This form will redirect to bus search page which page has the [bus-search] shortcode.



Bus Booking Manager
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