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The Buttonizer is a smart conversion-targeted button that will make your website more efficient. From making a simple call button, to a navigation button to open Facebook messenger. The Buttonizer is a new way to give a boost to your number of interactions, actions and conversions from your website visitor by adding one or multiple Customizable Smart Multifunctional Floating Button in the corner of your website.

With the Buttonizer it's possible to add buttons to a select number of pages with “page rules”, decide for each button if it shows on mobile and/or desktop, style your button with your own icons & colors, add social sharing buttons, Show the button on opening hours and make use of many more rules.

And the beauty of all: All actions are hidden in one button. The moment a visitor clicks on your Floating Action Button it will pop all specific buttons you’ve set for that page. Track each single button in Google Analytics so you can see which actions your visitors prefer.

Download the Buttonizer for free and make your first Smart Conversion Button in just five minutes.

Major features in Buttonizer include:

  • Floating Action Buttons – Make different action buttons, like a call or What’s App chat button on your mobile website;
  • Floating Menu – Create a dynamic Floating Menu, style each button and choose which items are shown on mobile, desktop or both;
  • No coding – The plugin takes care of everything;
  • Styling options – Style your button by choosing your color with an easy color-picker;
  • Positioning – Easily choose the position of your button;
  • Font-Awesome – Choose your favorite icon with our icon picker;
  • Mobile and/or desktop – Show your Floating Action Buttons on mobile and/or desktop;
  • Event tracking Google Analytics – Each Button is automatically tracked in Google Analytics so you can track how your visitors interact with your buttons are;
  • Social Sharing – Add Social Sharing Buttons;
  • Button animations – Give your Action Buttons small animations to convince web visitors to click on it;
  • PRO: Opening hours – Choose to show your button only between, or outside opening hours;
  • PRO: Page categories & Rules – Add page categories so you can choose to show buttons on specific pages;
  • PRO: Webvisitor behaviour – Let your buttons show on your webvisitors behaviour (show you button on scroll depth of session duration);
  • PRO: Add your own – Image, logo or moving icon to your button.

Download the free version or go premium and get to add an infinite number of buttons and page rules.


Click to call, Whats’app chat, Back to top, Click to E-mail, Open URL & Open Javascript code,


Make it a lot more easier for your mobile website visitors to call you. With the Buttonizer you can easily make a floating call button for your mobile website. In just 2 minutes you can make your own click to call button.


Create Dynamic Floating Menus. Choose the positioning of your menu, style your buttons, choose which actions (menu items) are shown on a set of rules (pages, desktop/mobile, opening hours etc.)


Next to choosing the color of your button, the color when someone click / hover over your button and the color of your icon, there is more. With the Buttonizer you can easily choose between font awesome icons but you can also add you own image / logo or icon. You can even add a moving icon in your button.


Decide for each button if you want to show it on your desktop, mobile or both. Sometimes you want your visitors to do specific actions on your mobile website than your desktop and the other way around. For instance navigating to your address, or direct calling your business or share your content on Whats’app. Buttonizer lets you make an infinite number of combination of floating action buttons which are hidden on one clear simple button on the right corner of your screen.


Of Course you can add a button for all your pages. But it is also possible to show a floating action button on specific pages. How? By easily adding a page category to the button. In a page category you can simply include or exclude the selected pages. This way you can add a specific floating call button selected pages and every page has its own conversion purpose. Create different rules like show on selected pages And wen pages contain ‘Specific text’.


Show a floating action button only when your business is open or closed. As an example: Add Facebook Messenger as a button and set it to show only on opening hours so your clients won’t chat with your company outside opening hours. You can then add another button that is only shown after opening hours.


Each button gets tracked on your website as long as your Google Analytics code is installed on your website. When you don't have it installed, or you have Google Tag Manager installed instead but still want to track your clicks on your floating action buttons? Than you can add you Google Analytics code manually in the setting tab of Buttonizer.

The best thing of all, the name you give to your button, is also seen in your Google analytics event page so you always know which buttons outperform the other.


If you have a blog, share news articles, or have lucrative products that people want to share then you have to add social sharing buttons to your pages. The problem is, that most of the times you see a tremendous amount of social sharing buttons that distract your web visitors from interacting with your content. Why not have one clear button with all the sharing options possible when a visitor clicks on it. The Buttonizer lets you add social sharing button without filling your whole screen, without distracting your website visitors.


You can decide if you want your Buttonizer to show after a specific amount of time that your visitor is on your website or when after a percentage amount of scroll on a page. For example, the scroll depth option can come in handy when you have a blog and you want to display social sharing options after your visitor has red a good part of your article. This way you ask the attention of your readers at just the right time.

It is also possible to add Exit Intent. The floating action button will show itself when a visitors tries to leave the website.