Dynamic Grid: WordPress Posts Feed Slider

Dynamic Grid: WordPress Posts Feed Slider

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Do you own a WordPress blog, magazine or any website? Then say goodbye to the nice, good, old-school sliders. They served us well, but it’s time for something new and more powerful… and cooler than a slider.

Dynamic Grid: Posts Feed is a next generation slider for your homepage, sidebar, footer, you name it. It takes posts from your WordPress database and arranges them in a nice looking, totally customizable and animated grid.


This plugin uses the “Dynamic Grid” engine. Thanks to that, you have the power to create exactly the layout you need. And if you don’t know what you need, the plugin comes with rock-solid default settings that create a beautiful and random layout on every page load!

If you want to tackle the settings a bit you can create anything – horizontal 1-row scroller, vertical 1-column scroller, grid with square cells, grid with random number of cells, or even – a grid with random number of cells and every cell with a random height! You get the idea…

The best thing is, that it can be random on every page load, which means a unique experience for the user on every visit.


Keeping up with the hot stuff on the internet, of course that Dynamic Grid: Posts Feed is responsive. Just check the “Auto” checkbox next to the “Width” setting and it will just fill it’s parent element. Sweet!

One of the cool features of this plugin is that it takes the featured image (or the first image in your post) and fills the cells with it, bringing even more life and color to the grid.

But what happens when you have an image that’s for example three times bigger than it’s parent cell. It will get cut off and only a corner will be visible, right? Well, no. Doesn’t matter if your image is larger, smaller, taller, thinner or whatever – it will not break the layout. Even more – it will get scaled and centered properly, so it all looks nice and clean. Check out the demos once again – the images there are going into cells of all kinds of sizes and proportions and nothing looks bad nor broken.

It just looks like it should.

Admin Panel

I can say with great confidence that this is the finest plugin I have made so far. Actually I have spent most of the time on the backend UI, than in the actual thing that the visitor will see. It looks great, it’s incredibly intuitive to use, it has helpful tips all over it and it just works great. Without sacrificing control.

When first activating the plugin you will be guided by a short series of helpful tips on how to get started, what you need to do to setup the plugin and more. Believe it or not – the plugin doesn’t come with a separate documentation file. It’s all integrated in the UI. Next to every setting you will see a detailed explanation what that setting is and what it does. It’s all right there, without bouncing between the documentation file and the site over and over for each thing that you don’t understand. It’s really amazing.

Another nice feature – every time you try to save the changes, the form validates and it shows you helpful tips if you have done something wrong.

And last, but not least, you have a preview tab to immediately check out the changes that you’ve made – right there, without adding the thing to a test page and bouncing back and forward, refreshing, etc. It’s really easy and fast to customize, and you get immediate feedback.

Customer Support

Despite the tough love that I sometimes give to my customers, I am very thankful for making my job possible. That’s why I have set up a dedicated support forum for my products. If you need help, make sure that you are using the forum, not the comments – it’s faster, your question won’t be lost in my mailbox and you will help others with similar problem.

The link is in the top of the description and in the footer of the plugin’s backend UI :)

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Change Log

[07.12.2012] 1.1.1

  • Fixed an issue where the featured images weren’t being fetched from the posts.

[30.11.2012] 1.1

  • Fixed a bug causing some warnings to appear on the admin page.


  • Fixed an issue causing the grid to disappear after saving a page.


  • fixed an issue where unstyled content appeared on page load
  • fixed a mistake in the css, limiting the width of the feed to 600px


  • added support for multiple sliders on the same page
  • fixed a compatibility issue with the “photo gallery” plugin.


  • Fixed an issue with the shortcode causing the grid to always appear on the top of the page, regardless of where the shortcode is placed
  • Fixed an issue where unstyled content was showing during page load.
  • Fixed issue causing the theme to crash because of undefined has_post_thumbnail() function.