Event Booking Pro: Forms Manager Add on

Event Booking Pro: Forms Manager Add on

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This is an Add-ON Plugin for Event Booking Pro

Create custom Forms using an easy to using interface. These Forms can be used for your events!
You can customize how they look too!

Supported Types

Drag, Arrange and Hide

Split Name

Half fields

Duplicate on quantity

You should have Event Booking Pro before buying this!

Change Log

v1.6 (June 7, 2016)
  ADDED: Ability to reorder name and email fields
  ADDED: Half fields
  ADDED: Duplicate fields on quantity
  ENHANCED: Styles of checkboxes 
  BUG: Escaped Characters are properly unescaped in admin area
v1.41 (July 12, 2015)
    Placeholder bug fixed
Released the forms addon extra addon v1.41 (July 10, 2015)
    Placeholder bug fixed
v1.4 (July, 2015)
    New way to create checkboxes and radio buttons
    Support for Forms Extra addon
v1.3 (20 Feb, 2015) – requires 3.45
    Added Static Text
    Split Full name into 2 fields: First & Last Name.
    Added Terms & Conditions Field Type.
v1.1 (4 March, 2014)
    New admin panel design.