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Gravity Forms Styler is a very unique and powerful plugin for gravity forms.

You can create and apply beautiful styles to your gravity forms standard fields, advanced fields, titles and descriptions, buttons, form borders, form labels, form backgrounds and you can even customize the form confirmation and error messages.

You can change each elements background color, border size, border color, border radius, font size, font type, font color and anything else that is possible using css.

We made it really easy for you to customize everything by simply moving the slider to change values, use color picker to choose any color you like and simply choose options from the drop down list.

The best part is you can create unlimited styles and apply to any gravity forms simply by changing the form id, so you can have one style for all the forms or you can have different style for each form.

On top of that we gave you an option to add custom css code for each form style you create.

The possibilities are endless and you don’t have to set gravity forms css output to NO and it will not change your existing form styles, because each of your form styled with Gravity Forms Styler will have independent css code generated dynamically, how cool is that? so what are you waiting for ? :-)

A shortcode builder and a widget is included for your convenience.

If you have any questions or problems please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We can add new features and fix bugs for you very fast.

If you like the product please don’t forget to give 5 stars :-)

Version 2.0 - Release Date : 7th of March 2015
We are releasing this update now because it has been overdue for quite sometime now, so we have new features like checkbox, radio button and drop down advanced styling coming in Version 2.1 very soon, so hang in there and enjoy this new update with most wanted features.

New Features : 

1. Google Fonts & Custom Fonts for All Field Types ** HOT **
2. Paddings & Margins for All Relevant Field Types ** HOT **.
3. Ability to easily use Tab Index feature.
4. Option to set Height for Text Field, Text Area & Dropdown Field Types.
1. Background Color Issue Fixed.
2. Form Description Alignment Issue Fixed.
3. Fully Compatible with Latest Versions of Gravity Forms & Wordpress.
Version 1.2 - 5th July 2014
New Features :
- Full compatibility with Wordpress Version 3.9.1 and Gravity Forms 1.8.9 
- Unlimited Multiple Styled forms in one page, sidebar or widgets - **SUPER HOT**
-- Now you can include all forms in one place with different styles and no conflicts e.g your theme styles, gravity form styles and our styler plugin styles - *AWESOMENESS ;-)*
- Background Image option for Form Wrapper.
- Slider replaced with Text field as requested by many buyers.
- New CSS properties added
Bugs Fixed :
- Script Unresponsiveness is completely fixed, now it loads in a blink ;-) - FIXED
- Padding & Margin issues - FIXED
- Compatible with Latest Version of Gravity Forms & Wordpress.

Version 1.1 - 17 March 2014
New Features : 
- Menu Name is changed to "Styler" and Location is under Gravity Forms "Forms" Menu.
- Placeholders : Now with just one click you can convert field labels to placeholders.
- Icons : You can upload icons for all advanced fields like email, phone, website, password, date and can choose to display icons or not.
- Box Shadows : You can set inner and outer shadows.
- Select Field : Now you can completely style select/dropdown field and still use custom css to retain your changes from previous versions.
- Fully Internationalized.
Version 1.0 - Initial Release - 15 FEB 2014