HBook - Hotel booking system - WordPress Plugin

HBook - Hotel booking system - WordPress Plugin

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HBook will allow you to easily enable online reservation on your WordPress website. It is perfectly suited for anybody owning a business in the hospitality industry: hotel, B&B, holiday apartment, campsite… Thanks to HBook you will be able to add availability calendars, table rates and booking forms on your website in seconds!



Version 1.6.2 – 4 Nov 16
- added season parameter for all booking rules 
- improved single/multiple days rates handling 
- fixed price formatting issue in the summary 
- updated translations files (French, Spanish, Italian)

Version 1.6.1 – 5 October 16

- improved multiple forms on one page handling
- fixed bug in mobile search form
- fixed import iCal bug

Version 1.6 – 30 September 16

- added Stripe payment gateway 
- added iCal synchronization 
- added options to make reservation edition easier 

Version 1.5.4 – 17 June 16

- added options to easily block out any accommodation
Version 1.5.3 – 7 June 16
- improved check-in / check-out dates selection 
- improved check-in / check-out calendars for mobile 
- added availability in check-in / check-out calendars on accommodation page 
- added options to customize calendars colors
- added AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) currency
Version 1.5.2 – 11 May 16
- added the possibility to choose a template to display Accommodation posts
- added an option to link an HBook Accommodation post to its corresponding theme accommodation page (useful if you use your theme pages to showcase your accommodation types)
- fixed a bug in HTML emails
Version 1.5.1 – 6 May 16
- revamped calendars 
- added a [resa_extras] shortcode for email templates (it displays the chosen extra services and it is multilingual) 
- added a [number_of_nights] shortcode for email templates 
- added options to change the size of accommodation thumbnails in search results 
- fixed issues in the reservations export tool
Version 1.5 – 9 April 16
- added email templates (allows more flexible notification emails and multi-languages notifications emails) 
- added a feature to export reservations 
- added a feature to change the accommodation type or accommodation number of confirmed reservations 
- improved accommodation type numbering 
- reorganized admin pages
Version 1.4.4 – 13 March 16
- fixed a display bug in reservation page (if an accommodation type does not exist anymore) 
- changed links settings in the search result list (now opens in a new tab)
- added French, Spanish and Italian translation files (front-end and back-end)
Version 1.4.3 – 18 February 16
- added an option to set the "From" of emails sent to the admin 
- added an option to set the timeout value for AJAX requests
Version 1.4.2 – 3 February 16
- fixed a layout bug on the Reservation admin page
Version 1.4.1 – 28 January 16
- fixed an issue with PayPal sandbox (due to a change in PayPal connection requirements) 
- added a new type for extra services: quantity per day
Version 1.4 – 5 January 16
- added the possibility to let the customer choose payment type (offline, deposit, full amount) 
- added the possibility to block calendar dates only after admin confirmation 
- added features to keep track of who has paid and how much has been paid 
- improved the admin reservation calendar
Version 1.3.1 – 9 December 15
- fixed warning message in admin reservation page when no options are selected 
- fixed the "no children" error message issue 
- fixed the search error message that appeared with certain WordPress configuration
Version 1.3 – 24 November 15
- added the possibility to offer extra services (paying or free) in addition to the accommodation 
- added the possibility to charge fees in addition to the accommodation price or the total price
- added custom CSS section (for back-end and front-end)
Version 1.2.4 – 29 September 15
- added currencies COP and BYR
- added compulsory single check-box (as for "terms and conditions")
- fixed calendar display in the admin reservation page
Version 1.2.3 – 16 August 15
- fixed a display bug in the admin reservation page
Version 1.2.2 – 27 July 15
- fixed a JavaScript bug with the datepicker
Version 1.2.1 – 20 July 15
- added roles that enable the creation of users who have only access to the Reservations page 
- enhanced the Reservations page performance
- fixed a compatibility issue with WPML
Version 1.2 – 5 July 15
- added compulsory check-in and check-out days settings (changeover days)
- added minimum stay and maximum stay settings 
- added options to create discounts based on stay features
- added options to create special rates
- added options to make the setup of rates more flexible
Version 1.1 – 5 June 15
- added a form builder
- added options to customize the forms
- added options to customize the text displayed by the plugin 
- fixed minor bugs
Version 1.0 – 5 March 2015
- initial release

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