Maintenance PRO - WordPress plugin

Maintenance PRO - WordPress plugin

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Maintenance PRO is packed with advanced features, for a powerful and effective maintenance mode splash page that stands out from the crowd.

Maintenance PRO builds on everything you loved about the free Maintenance WordPress plugin (available on, and takes your “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” page to a whole new level.

When developing a new site, or making big changes to your existing one, it is sometimes necessary to take it offline for a period of time, but there’s no reason why you can’t still attract visitors and give them a taste of what they’ve got to look forward to. A customized and engaging “maintenance mode” splash page can say a lot about your brand or business while you’re getting on with the hard work behind the scenes, and can prompt interaction from your users before your site even goes live!

Main plugin features

Full Screen HD Background Gallery – Add your own images, or gallery of images, and customize the delay time for each transition. You can even upload a YouTube or Vimeo video loop, for an original, immersive and dynamic splash page background.

Customizable Text and Branding – Easily incorporate your own branding with the color picker and font library. You can add your own logo and headline, and edit the “Maintenance Mode” text, for a personalized holding page that reflects your business.

Unique Scheduler Countdown – Ramp up the anticipation and make sure that your users come back when you’re ready for them! The overlay counter can be set to a maximum of 365 days and you can choose a simple, boxed or circle format, to suit your style.

HTML Pop-Up – Use the custom HTML area to embed a YouTube video, keeping your users engaged while you work on your site, or a contact form so that you can let them know when you’re going live!

Mailing List Subscription – With MailChimp and Campaign Monitor integration, you can start growing your subscriber base even before your site goes public. Set up a subscription form and mailing list simply by checking a few boxes on your admin page.

Social Media Icons – Add social media buttons so that your users can connect with you in a single click: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Dribbble, LinkedIn, and more! Icons will link directly to your various social profiles, opening up in a new window.

User Roles and Permissions – Assign multiple user roles, with set permissions and restrictions, so that you can share certain pages with clients or colleagues before the site goes public.

Responsive and Retina Ready – Maintenance PRO guarantees that your full screen, HD and retina ready splash page will look stunning and flow seamlessly on all devices, for a professional and engaging “maintenance mode” experience.

Easy to Configure – The simple and intuitive checkbox admin page allows you to create, customize and configure your unique maintenance page in minutes. Upload and install the plugin to your existing WordPress site and get started today!

Features list

  • Easy to customize and configure
  • Responsive HTML layout (retina ready)
  • 3 countdown types: Simple, Boxed, Circle
  • Backstretch full screen background with blur option
  • Background gallery with overlay
  • Background video from media gallery
  • Background video from YouTube/Vimeo
  • Easy branding with color picker and fonts
  • Add your logo, title, headline, text
  • User login form on frontend
  • Admin bar: show/hide
  • 503 error on/off
  • Login on/off
  • Google Analytics field
  • Custom CSS
  • Assign user roles and set permissions
  • Pop-up window for HTML
  • Links to social media
  • MailChimp or Campaign monitor subscribe form
  • Option to exclude pages from maintenance
  • Unique scheduler countdown – max. 365 days (since version 2.5)
  • Splash page – With ENTER button (since version 3.0)

Why do you need Maintenance pro?

The upgrade to Maintenance PRO gives you the added option of configuring your counter to suit your style. The timer counts down in days, hours, minutes and seconds – creating a buzz of active progress and expectation – and you can choose between simple numbers (no border), boxed numbers, or circles.

With this upgrade, you can even use the custom HTML area to embed YouTube videos, which will open in a pop-up window. Far from a generic and static “Under Construction” message, your Maintenance PRO splash page boasts its own distinctive personality and invites your visitors to engage and connect with your brand, even before you’re ready to launch.

As well as stunning, full screen HD background images, you can now select multiple images for a dynamic gallery, and even set your own YouTube video as the maintenance page background. As with the free version, you can easily edit the text (“Coming soon!”/ “Work in progress…”/ “We’ll be right back”…etc.) and add your own logo and branding colors, so that your splash page reflects the tone of your business.

The upgraded plugin offers even greater flexibility when it comes to behind the scenes access for particular users. You can assign user roles and set individual permissions and restrictions, so that you can collaborate and share with the relevant parties during the development and design process, with complete control over how much each user can see.

What is your maintenance page saying about you and your business behind your back?

The Maintenance PRO WordPress plugin puts you in control and gives you everything you need to make your holding page work for you: attracting visitors, connecting them with your brand, prompting them to check back soon, and promoting social media interaction and subscriptions, all while your site is still in development!

Upgrade to Maintenance PRO today and create a unique splash page that keeps them coming back for more…


  1. Purchase plugin
  2. Upload the «Maintenance-pro» folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Install required free version from
  5. Go to Dashboard > Maintenance
  6. Config maintenance page via options



  • Russian (ru_RU)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
  • German (de_DE)
  • Spanish (es_ES)
  • Farsi Persian (fa_IR)
  • Arabic (Ar)
  • Dutch (nl_NL)
  • Turkish (tr_TR)
  • French (fr_FR)
  • Chinese (zh_CN)
  • Czech (cs_CZ)
  • Ukrainian (uk_UA)
  • Finnish (fi_FI)
  • Italian (it_IT)


Change log

New feature in version 3.0

Update 3.1 – 02.09.2016

- New: he_IL translation
- New: Loop for YouTube video
- New: Confirmation email for MaillChimp
- Improvements: Separate fields for youtube and vimeo videos
- Improvements: Descriptions for fields
- Update: Translation files
- Updated: dequeue script datetimepicker
- Bug fix: Grammatical mistakes
- Bug fix: Subscribe form style
- Bug fix: minor and major date updating number

Update 3.0 – 01.06.2016

- New: Splash page tab
- New: Preloader on/off
- New: Option sound on/off for youtube video
- New: Social icon - soudcloud
- New: Social icon - vkontakte
- Update: WordPress 4.5.2 ready
- Update: Translation files
- Bug fix: undefined variable notice
- Bug fix: MailChimp conflict with other MailChimp plugins

Update 2.7 – 18.02.2016

- New: Contact form 7 support
- Improvements: Video Fallback Image for Mobile
- Improvements: Countdown dislay for mobiles
- Improvements: Subsribe form, notification near input
- Update: WordPress 4.4.2 ready
- Bug fix: Lost data after plugin deactivation

Update 2.6 – 16.12.2015

- WordPress 4.4 ready
- Update: translation files
- Improvements: custom text for "read more" button

Update 2.5 – 16.09.2015

- New options: Countdown types: Circle, Simple
- New: Dutch translation
- Improvements: Countdown maximum period increased to 365 days.
- Update: WordPress 4.3 support

Update 2.4 – 20.10.2014

- Improvements: Current time stamp for countdown 
- Update: datepicker.js
- Translation updates

Update 2.3 – 19.09.2014

- New options: Loading background video from Youtube/Vimeo
- New options: Countdown schedule, for example maintenance mode from 09:48 pm to 10:45 pm
- New options: Subscribe form title field
- Improvements: Additional styles for Contact form 7
- Bug fix: Logo and counter height for laptops (1366x768)

Update 2.2.1 – 13.07.2014

- New social icon: foursquare
- New default background image

Update 2.2 – 11.07.2014

- New design: Login form
- New options: Campaign monitor subscribe form
- New options: Countdown with start and end date
- New options: Hours and minutes for countdown 
- New options: Countdown font styling
- New options: HTML field display information in overlay popup.
- Improvements: Subscribe form validation
- Improvements: Thank you message after subscribe.
- Improvements: Responsive styles
- Translations updates
- General bug fix and improvements

Update 2.1.2 – 07.05.2014

- Inline styles optimizations
- Bug fix: translations for counter
- Bug fix: google analytics
- Translations updates

Update 2.1.1 – 21.02.2014

- Remove date from countdown
- Bug fix
- Translation updates

New version 2.1 – 17.02.2014

- New additional styles for responsive version
- New option delay time for gallery
- Bug fix video gallery + counter
- Bug fix MailChimp validation fields
- Code optimization

Update 2.0.1 – 26.12.2013

- New translation Brazilian Portuguese 
- Css bug fix 

New version 2.0 – 17.12.2013

- WordPress 3.8 ready
- New features
- New design
- New dashboard
- Core plugin changes

Update 1.3 – 28.08.2013

- Added Options = Do not return "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable".
- Re-directed user to the root of the domain (not to subdirectory).
- Bugfix

Update 1.2 – 10.01.2013

- WordPress 3.5 ready
- Translation ready
- Added notification button in admin bar
- Central block and logo positions changed
- Added color-picker for buttons
- Css bug fix

Update 1.1.2 – 15.04.2013

- Add option for display admin bar
- Css changes

Update 1.1.1 – 27.12.12

- Add 503 unavailable server response code
- Css changes

Update 1.1 – 12.09.12

- Css bug fix
- Plugin options fix

New version 1.0 – 09.08.2012

- Initial release