Ninja Forms MailChimp Opt-ins

Ninja Forms MailChimp Opt-ins

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The Ninja Forms MailChimp Opt-ins extension allows you to quickly add newsletter opt-in option for any Ninja Form.

Ninja Forms 3.x add-on features

  • Newsletter subscriptions are handled as Ninja Forms Actions.

Ninja Forms 2.9.x add-on features

  • Invisible form field (‘None’) for simple forms where you only collecting first name and email address.
  • Checkbox field for forms where you would like to give an option for your site visitors to opt-in.
  • Dropdown field which would let your websites visitors to pick one of your newsletters from the list.

MailChimp Merge Tags

Ninja Forms MailChimp Opt-ins supports custom MailChimp merge tags. Merge tags could be used to populate personalized or dynamic content in your newsletter campaigns, response emails, and automation workflows. If you not yet familiar with it, check out getting started guide on


  • Multiple front-end display options.
  • Supports unlimited number of custom MailChimp Merge Tags.
  • Each form can have unique subscriber list.
  • Option to enable or disable double opt-in.
  • First name and last name will be submitted to MailChimp if fields are present in the form.
  • Free automatic updates!


* New: Added basic Ninja Forms Three (NF3) support.
* New: Added option to send user's browser language and IP address to MailChimp.
* New: Improved automated updates set up.
* Updated: Upgraded MailChimp API to v3 (only for Ninja Forms 3.x add-on version).

* Updated: Small bug fixes.
* Updated: New documentation template.

* New: Added option to select default checkbox state (enabled, dissabled).
* Updated: Plugin licensing details updated.

* New: Added support for custom MailChimp Merge Tags!
* Updated: Issue where MailChimp double opt-in always enabled was fixed.
* Updated: Documentation updated (including new section on MailChimp Merge Tags).
* Updated: Plugin name changed to Ninja Forms MailChimp Opt-ins.

* New: Initial release