Photo Contest WordPress Plugin

Photo Contest WordPress Plugin

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Thanks to Photo Contest WordPress Plugin you can easily organize a photo contest on your website, or create an independent website just for the purpose of the photo contest. All you need is WordPress and our plugin. Involve your users in what’s happening on your website and attract others who shall be interested in registering with you thanks to the photo contest. Thanks to the contest they shall return more often and every time they promote a picture, they will also promote your website! If users promote their photos via links, you’ll get an excellent SEO tool, as well.

Photo Contest Wordpress Plugin

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Available languages

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Czech


Version 2.6 (10/10/2016)

  • Optimization for WordPress Version 4.6.X
  • Added new Feature – BuddyPress integration – All uploads, votes and WordPress comments will be visible in activity stream (optional)
  • Added new Feature – New Option: Removing IP protection for closed network systems (if necessary)
  • Added new Feature – New Option: Hiding specific menu buttons and sections
  • Added new Feature – New Option: Hiding image authors, views and votes
  • Added new Feature – New Option: Font size
  • Added new Feature – New Option: Font Color in widget section. For dark widgets sections you can use now Grey or White font color (Standard is Black)
  • Fixed Issue – Server time and WordPress time works together
  • Fixed Issue – Small CSS problems with menu colors
  • Fixed Issue – Wrong js time and date format

Version 2.5 (06/14/2016)

  • Added new Feature – Image searching in admin area
  • Added new Feature – Optional items names in the menu
  • Added new Feature – New optional settings for vote button

Version 2.4 (05/13/2016)

  • Added new Feature – Search images by user
  • Changes – Image filtering in gallery. Now is possible combine filters together.
  • Changes – Votes are now editable
  • Fixed – Security issue
  • Fixed – CSS issue with the menu bar on some animated themes

Version 2.3 (04/14/2016)

  • Optimization for WordPress Version 4.5
  • Added new Feature – New security layer: Cookies
  • Changes – Small changes in Mobile version

Version 2.2 (04/05/2016)

  • Fixed – Small CSS issues
  • Fixed – Some compactibility issues with other plugins
  • Changes – Minor core omptimization – Unnecessary funcitons running only when are needed

Version 2.1 (03/25/2016)

  • Added new Feature – Responsive theme – for all tablets and mobile devices (IOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Added new Feature – New menu colors – Silver and Dark Orange
  • Added new Feature – Image preview before upload

Version 2.0 (03/10/2016)

  • Optimalization for WordPress Version 4.4.X
  • Added new Feature – Multi Photo Contest version
  • Added new Feature – Comments – WordPress comments and Disqus Comments
  • Added new Feature – Adjustable “Welcome” email for contestants
  • Added new Feature – Shortcode “Add Photo Contest” Button in text editor
  • Added new Feature – “Edit Contest” – quick menu item (pencil)
  • Fixed – Small CSS issues
  • Changes – Modernized design
  • Changes – Major core omptimization
  • Removed – Date format. Now is used standard Wordpress date format
  • Removed – All menu attributes (in shortcode). Now is possible set all attributes in contest settings

Version 1.5 (10/21/2015)

  • Optimalization for WordPress Version 4.3.X
  • Added new Feature – Sort options for Images in Admin area (Sort activated and not activated Entries)
  • Added new Feature – Admin Notification Email
  • Added new Feature – New option for voting every 24 hours, 12 hours or Every hour
  • Added new Feature – Quick contest registration
  • Added new Feature – Unlimited Categories
  • Added new Feature – You can set Max Width and Max Height for the image. Images over Max Width and Height will be autamatically resized. This is good option when users uploaded 5 mpix or larger images from Mobile devices
  • Fixed – Image Metadata
  • Replacing Lightbox for skLib Lightbox

Version 1.4 (02/17/2015)

  • Fixed Issue – Multiple Voting with the Same Account
  • Fixed Issue – Wrong thumbnail when the image is shared on a Tumblr or Pinterest
  • Added new Feature – Integration with “WordPress Social Login” plugin
  • Added new Feature – New Option: Lightbox
  • Added new Feature – New Option: Date Format
  • Added new Feature – New Option: Image file size limit
  • Added new Feature – Images can be automatically activated after upload (optional)
  • Added new Feature – Added new Section “Your Images” with images overview
  • Added new Feature – Added FrontEnd Registration Form

Version 1.3 (11/24/2014)

  • Fixed Issue – Multiple Voting
  • Fixed Issue – CSS compactibility with the most Themes
  • Added new Feature – Determination of the date when voting begins
  • Added new Feature – Determination of the date when registration to the contest ends
  • Added new Language – Dutch

Version 1.2 (08/28/2014)

  • Added New Feature – Views Count
  • Added new Widget Feature – Random Images
  • Added new Language – French

Version 1.1 (8/2/2014)

  • Added New Widget “Rank”
  • Added new Feature – Top 10 List
  • Added new Feature – Social Share
  • Added new Feature – Open Graph Meta Tags