PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin

PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin

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PrivateContent is a powerful, yet easy, solution to boost wordpress, turning it into a true multilevel membership platform. Take advantage from advanced users management features and restrict any part of your website. Everything without coding skills!

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Features list

  • Users membership:
    • unlimited user levels
    • unlimited levels assignment per user
    • Admin manual insertion
    • Unlimited and flexible registration forms
      • flexible fields structure
      • text blocks
      • custom categories assignment (through shortcode)
      • custom redirect (through shortcode)
      • Password strength setup
      • Anti-spam systems: honey-pot or reCAPTCHA
      • Two layouts (one-column – fluid)
    • Fast and intuitive list management
    • Sorting and simple + advanced search
    • Multi status: active – disabled – pending approval
    • Export and import

  • Contents restriction systems: (based on user categories)
    • PrivateContet shortcode with optional warning box
    • Pages / posts / custom post types total restriction through redirect
    • Categories / custom taxonomies total restriction through redirect
    • Custom (URL-based) restriction with regular expressions support
    • Logged user restriction (to hide contents to logged users) with optional custom redirect
    • Categories / custom taxonomies contents restriction
    • Menu items
    • Pages / posts / custom post types comment
    • Widgets
    • Complete, 1-click, website lock

  • Login form and logout button with custom redirects
  • Users reserved area with preset contents and private comments
  • WP users sync to allow WP-based systems usage + WP role emulator
  • Three preset form styles + custom skin builder
  • Customizable messages
  • 100% translatable + 20 frontend languages ready to be used + WPML ready
  • Dev-friendly API structure + hooks
  • Modular structure (check add-ons)

Walkthrough videos

To make the plugin easy for everyone there are videos explaining each step necessary to setup and use PrivateContent:

The wordpress membership solution

PrivateContent is probably the easiest way to create an users database into your wordpress website. Seamlessly integrated, is based on user categories: then no more basic roles, you can virtually have unlimited levels!

Each user can be assigned to one or more categories giving you the maximum flexibility possible, this means complete freedom in creating simple or complex patterns to properly store them and eventually restrict your site contents.

The plugin has got also some extra features to help you manage users with ease, such as category filter, data sorting and an internal advanced search. Gives also the ability of deactivate users, to keep them in the database but deactivating accesses to reserved areas.

Finally you can export user lists in Excel (.xls) or CSV format, or import them using a CSV file. Very useful for large external databases!

Protect your private contents

Plugin comes with an integrated shortcode wizard, allowing you to hide page contents on the fly. Plus you can choose to show a warning box or just hide data inside shortcode and also show custom messages.

Assume you want to show a gallery only to an user in a specific category, just type:

[pc-pvt-content allow="10"]
[gallery shortcode]

And the result will be like this

Selective lock down

But PrivateContent is not only its shortcode: every website part can be hidden to suit your needs.

Completely restrict entire areas of your website. Easy as select user categories in a side-box, any user not matching requirements will be redirected to a default page.

Example: try to reach this page. If not logged, you’ll be redirected to main PrivateContent demo.
Is also possible to extend plugin to restrict custom post types and custom taxonomies.

Menu items can be hidden. PrivateContent integrates directly in Wordpress UI. Be sure to be logged and check PrivateContent sub-menu on this website, you’ll see the “Hidden pvtContent menu” item that before was not accessible!

But also widgets and comment blocks can be hidden basing on user categories.

Need a radical solution?
Lock entire website with one click, just checking a single option in plugin settings!

Users private page

With PrivateContent each user has got an own private page, automatically generated. It is accessible through an unique page, where contents are dynamically changed to ensure maximum security.

Of course you can also disable reserved area for certain users.

Check it

Wordpress user system sync

PrivateContent users can also be synced with wordpress users. What does it means? A mirror wordpress user will be strictly linked with PrivateContent one: same username, same password, same e-mail.

This turns into a huge advantage: not only users will be able to login through PrivateContent and Wordpress forms, but also use WP-based systems. From basic thing as post comments to advanced ones as WooCommerce!

Also user private pages take advantages from sync: is now possible to enable private comments to directly communicate with users.

Everything without landing on Wordpress admin panel or seeing Wordpress elements. Take a look at this screencast to know more.

Custom skin builder

Plugin comes with three preset form skins (minimal, light, dark) adapting to any theme, immediately.

But you can also create your own unique style: using colors, font size and family, setting field borders and padding as well as border radius. Everything directly from an handy user interface and with few clicks.

For example forms in live preview take color scheme from the minimal style, with a little touch of green on buttons to match with LCweb colors.

Unlimited registration forms

PrivateContent comes with a poweful form builder to create unlimited forms and only use fields you need!

You can also add text blocks to help customers filling in forms and of course every element can be freely sorted and set as required. Finally, add a proper disclaimer to let users accept your TOS or privacy rules.

Safety first: set your security level requiring specific password strength patterns and lengths. Two anti-spam systems to choose from: invisible honey-pot trap or fully-responsive reCAPTCHA validation.

Registration form has also got two layouts: one-column or fluid (auto-adaptive) and of course both are responsive and designed to be used on any device.

Still need more flexibility? Registration form shortcode has got useful parameters to force form layout, assign custom categories or redirect users after registration. Plus, you can always insert the category field in forms structure to let users choose their level.

Check it

Login methods

PrivateContent offers you 4 different ways to implement login form into your wordpress theme:
  • a built-in widget with an integrated login form and logout box (example in the reserved area)
  • Login form and logout box shortcodes
  • An inline trigger inserted after warning messages (as seen in the previous example)
  • API functions for developers, to integrate it anywhere in your site

100% Multilanguage

PrivateContent is also completely translatable as well as its add-ons! You will be able to localize everything just creating a .po file or using WPML.

Frontend strings have already been translated (totally or partially) in 20 languages!
(Afrikaans, Argentine, Slovak, Danish, German, Spanish, Persian, French, Croatian, Italian, Georgian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Czech, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish)

Dev-oriented API and hooks

PrivateContent is a developer-friendly plugin and has been coded to be easily extended and customized by developers.

Starting from essential plugin’s API to management classes and ending with dozens of actions and filters. Fit a membership plugin to your needs could be hard, but not in this case!

Even performing complex operations could be done in few PHP lines.
Check PrivateContent API documentation page.

Plugin add-ons

Mail Actions
This add-on implements e-mails in every users interaction. An essential thing for large websites.
Plus it allows you to sync users with MailChimp, to easily manage newsletters.

Get Mail Actions add-on

User Data
User Data empowers PrivateContent creating unlimited fields to use into unlimited custom forms. Extension’s main goal is to give you tools to improve users database and let them change data and passwords autonomously.

Plus has got a conditional data shortcode, to show elements basing on user’s data matching.

Get User Data add-on

Secure Links
Protect your file links taking advantage of PrivateContent systems. Create secure links only accessible by selected users!

Get Secure Links add-on


- Please note that synced wordpress user can’t access the admin-side of the site.
- Exported users can’t be re-imported since private page and category IDs vary on each installation
- Existing Wordpress users can’t be imported directly, since is not possible to know their password


See the changelog here