Shop as Customer for WooCommerce

Shop as Customer for WooCommerce

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What it Does

Shop as Customer allows a store Administrator or Shop Manager to shop the front-end of the store as another User, allowing all functionality such as plugins that only work on the product or cart pages and not the Admin Order page, to function normally as if they were that Customer.

Once installed, the Administrator can easily switch to another user with 2 clicks, then shop the store as that user would see it, with all functionality and plugins that would only be visible to that user, working perfectly.

Such as those that work with User roles, inputting custom variables (meta) on product order that are not supported in the Admin Orders screen, etc. This enables incredibly quick and simple manual order creation. And with another click they can switch back to the Administrator or Shop Manager.

Once a cart is created for a User while shopping as them, instead of seeing only the pay button on the checkout page, the Administrator or Shop Manager now has convenient buttons to also email the invoice directly to that User for payment or link to the Order created in the Admin section.


  • Quickly switch to any Customer
  • View and use your store as that Customer
  • Quickly switch back to Administrator
  • Works with plugins specific to Product & Cart pages or Users.
  • Create and send Invoices easily and quickly
  • No more fighting with the Admin Orders screen!

Happy conversions!



= 2.03 =
* Added an option to "Autofocus Customer Search - Autofocus the Customer Search field as the Switch To Customer modal opens (can speed up usability)". This functionality was part of the initial 2.0 release but we've decided to make it optional and turn it off by default.

= 2.02 =
* Fixed php notice about unset $screen->id on line 273.
* Check $wc_shop_as_customer exists before calling it's methods to avoid bug in checkout-functions.php
* Fixed modal breaking down to bottom of window on very narrow displays.
* Added a close button to the switch modal for usability on mobile.

= 2.01 =
* Fixed bug where searching for a user in any of the WooCommerce Select2 search inputs would switch to that user.

= 2.00 =
* We've re-designed the switch-to-customer process - we've turned it into a popup modal so that you can switch to a customer from anywhere, without needing to have the admin-bar enabled. We've left a "Switch to Customer" link in the same place, under the User menu in the top admin-bar, and we've added a new "Shop as Customer" link under WooCommerce in the main left admin-menu that you can also use to call the modal popup modal. If you're not showing the admin-bar and you want to switch to a user on the front-end of your site you can call the popup modal by deep linking using a hash like this:
* We've added a setting 'User Role Hierarchy' that you can use to define the hierarchy of any custom user roles, to prevent less privileged users switching to more privileged users.
* Changed the user search to used the WooCommerce Select2 user search - it's more reliable and allows us to remove the old Chosen search technology.
* Moved the "Shop as Customer Settings" to under Settings in the left admin-menu.
* Changed the Settings Page to use then WooCommerce settings API so it looks simpler and familiar.

... continued in readme.txt with the plugin.