smartPop-Up BOX - Wordpress Plugin

smartPop-Up BOX - Wordpress Plugin

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smartPop-Up BOX – Wordpress Plugin

You know those anoying pop-up boxes that appear when you open a website?

Now you have the change to have one on your website!

Even if you need a banner, a image, a video, an iframe, smartPop-Up BOX supports it all!

It’s very easy to use & it’s very usefull!

You have the folowing settings for the smartPop-Up box:

- Display only for ip: Configurate settings on a local workstation. If you are in development mode, the pop-up is showed only for the workstation (ip) you set: When you’re ready just delete/empty this field and your pop-up will be visible to everybody.

- Show pop-up on:Set when the pop-up should appear, before or after the page loads.”

  • 1. On page load – after the page loads.
  • 2. Before page Unload – before the page loads

- Box width & height

- Display settings: Display only once. Display only once on same session for each user. Default: ON

- Fade Opacity: Background opacity, between 0 – 1 (0.8 default)

- Fade Background url: Background image for fade layer overlay (default: wp-content/plugins/smart-pop-up/frontpage/images/pattern.png)

- FadeIn Time: Feedback pop-up box and fade overlay fade IN time in miliseconds (1000 = 1 second) (default: 300)

- FadeOut Time: Feedback pop-up box and fade overlay fade OUT time in miliseconds (1000 = 1 second) (default: 300)

– Box autoclose: Pop-up Box autoclose seconds timer (10 = 10 seconds). Default: 20

This pack Includes:

  • .zip archive of the plugin
  • documentation & video tutorial – how to install the plugin


  • If you have any problem with the plugin don’t hesitate to contact me.
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Video tutorial: