Web 2.0 Directory plugin for WordPress

Web 2.0 Directory plugin for WordPress

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Web 2.0 Directory plugin provides an ability to build any kind of business directory site: classifieds, events directory, cars, bikes, boats and other vehicles dealers site, pets, real estate portal, wedding site, yellow pages, local directories, listings on the map.
Wordpress directory plugin for any needs.

Here is documentation for interested minds.

Possible revenue

  • listings activation* – after successful payment the listing status becomes “active” and displays at the frontend
  • listings renewal* – this feature processes directory listing renewal
  • listings raise up – raise up listings to the top of all lists, those ordered by date
  • listings upgrade – charge users if they wish to make their listings featured or sticky
  • listings claim* – after successful approval of claim new owner need to pay to renew the listing

* PayPal subscriptions available


With WooCommerce payments system you can:
  • manage orders and products in WooCommerce dashboard
  • sell packages of listings
  • set up additional payment gateways available as WooCommerce Extensions
  • make scheduled sales
  • give users discount coupons
  • manage fees and taxes for listings products
  • build reports of sales
  • give refunds to users
  • realize lots of ideas for your business model with WooCommerce Extensions

How to use WooCommerce with directory plugin

Features of wordpress directory plugin

  • Restrict ads by listings levels
  • PayPal payment gateway including PayPal subscriptions
  • Stripe payments service
  • Frontend dashboard for regular users
  • Invoices management
  • WooCommerce payments system compatible
  • Sticky and featured listings options
  • Ability to raise up directory listings – this option may be payment
  • Ability to renew expired listings – this option may be payment
  • Ability to upgrade/downgrade listings levels – this option may be payment
  • 5-star ratings for listings
  • Customizable content fields of different types
  • Font Awesome icons for custom content fields
  • Category-based content fields
  • Order directory listings by content fields
  • Powerful search by content fields
  • Adapted for the Relevanssi search plugin
  • Icons for categories
  • Search by categories and locations
  • SEO friendly – fully compatible with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin
  • Locations search in radius – results displaying on map
  • Set up any number of locations for one listing
  • Google Maps integrated
  • Custom map markers
  • YouTube videos attachments for listings
  • Images AJAX uploading
  • Contact listing owner form + integration with Contact Form 7 plugin
  • Bookmarks functionality
  • ‘Print listing’ option
  • ‘Get listing in PDF’ option
  • Adapted for reCaptcha
  • Fully customizable and easy in configuration
  • The plugin uses custom post types and taxonomies
  • Responsive design based on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Fully compatible with Visual composer
  • 12 directory shortcodes, including: listings, maps, categories, locations, search box, slider
  • 5 widgets: search widget, categories widget, locations widget, listings widget, social accounts widget
  • Custom Google Map styles
  • Fully compatible with WPML plugin
  • Supports RTL (Right To Left) – layout, functionality, UI widgets
  • CSV import with ability to import images files

Our new plugin Web 2.0 Google Maps plugin for WordPress: Web 2.0 Google Maps plugin for WordPress

Responsive design

Predefined color schemas

WooCommerce Payments system compatible

Powerful And Customizable Search

Frontend Submission + Users Dashboard

Google Maps And Marker Icons

Unlimited Categories

PayPal Integration Including Subscriptions

Stripe Integration

Fully compatible with Visual composer

Translations, WPML & Multi-Languages Support

Five Star Ratings

Bulk CSV Import

Attach YouTube Videos

Export Listings in PDF

Directory plugin conception

Levels of listings control the functionality amount of listings and their directory/classifieds conception. Each listing may belong to different levels, some may have eternal active period, have sticky status and enabled google maps, other may have greater number of allowed attached images or videos. It is perfect base for business model of your directory site.

Each content field belongs to the type that defines its behaviour and display. You may hide field name, select custom field icon, set field as required, manage visibility on pages. Also listings may be ordered by some fields. Note that you may assign fields for specific categories. This is important feature allows to build category-specific content fields.
For instance: there may be special ‘price’ field especially in ‘Classifieds/For sale’ category and all its subcategories, so this field will appear only in listings, those were assigned with this category.


Version 1.13.0
- new feature: the plugin is compatible with WooCommerce
- bug fix: issue with listings price when thousands separator was set to dot

Version 1.12.8
- improvement: fullscreen map overlays whole site page
- bug fix: invalid email and website messages during CSV import
- bug fix: errors during email send with empty admin notification email field
- bug fix: notification on listing approval was not sent
- bug fix: issue with listings price when thousands separator was set to dot

Version 1.12.7
- new setting: restriction of autocomplete address fields for the default country
- new setting: show/hide listings number
- new feature: allow custom contact emails for listings. Users may set up custom contact email for each listing, otherwise messages will be sent directly to authors emails.
- improvement: ability to export listings data including locations fields using WP All Import plugin
- new setting: custom email for notifications to admin and in "From" field
- new feature: notification to author about successful listing approval
- new feature: notification of claim decline
- new feature: notification of paid invoice
- improvement: preset values for search fields, show/hide search fields in search form shortcode. Look at examples http://www.salephpscripts.com/wordpress_directory/demo/shortcodes/webdirectory-search/
- improvement: ability to import locations and sublocations with listings in CSV file
- improvement: importing rules for addresses was changed. Now import only 2 address fields: address line 1 and address line 2.
- improvement: import images titles with images in CSV file
- improvement: import YouTube videos links in CSV file
- improvement: import link text as well as link URL into website content field in CSV file
- improvement: import opening hours data into content field in CSV file

Version 1.12.6
- improvement: avoid 3rd party plugins to include Google Maps library and additional warnings about this

Version 1.12.5
- new feature: directory plugin was adapted for the Relevanssi search plugin
- new setting: how many map markers to display on the map - now possible to display all map markers on main directory pages independently from pagination
- improvement: ability to import subcategories with listings in CSV file
- improvement: ability to select PNG images as Map Marker Images for each category (earlier only Font Awesome icons could be selected for separate categories)
- improvement: setting to choose OR/AND search operator for checkboxes content fields
- improvement: compact search form on the map now is static
- improvement: adapted for new Google Maps API for 'Draw Area' functionality
- improvement: adapted for new Facebook API to display sharing counter
- bug fix: broken output of radio and select content fields in map InfoWindow
- bug fix: broken output of date-time content fields in map InfoWindow
- bug fix: problem with several date-time content fields on listing submission form

Version 1.12.4
- new setting: make map markers mandatory during submission of listings
- new feature: categories widget option - show related subcategories on categories pages
- new feature: locations widget option - show related sublocations on locations pages
- improvement: uploaded listings images titles adapted for WPML Media
- improvement: top padding of listings now equal to sticky_scroll_toppadding after scroll using Summary button
- improvement: scroll to listings container after search button was clicked
- improvement: ability to make categories mandatory during submission of listings
- improvement: ability to make address fields mandatory during submission of listings
- bug fix: listings widget layout issue
- bug fix: line breaks in textarea field input/output
- bug fix: rejected payments with enabled taxes options
- bug fix: problem with URLs using WPML in different languages

Version 1.12.3
- bug fix: sorting of content fields

Version 1.12.2
- bug fix: titles for lightbox images
- bug fix: number of sql queries was reduced working with WPML content fields translations
- bug fix: adapted to work with suhosin on PHP 5.6
- bug fix: loading texts were added into language file
- bug fix: incorrect price value after taxes was fixed for PayPal gateway

Version 1.12.1
- adapted for WordPress 4.5
- new feature: system pages were added to debug and reset settings
- lots of small bug fixes

Version 1.12.0
- new feature: Draw Area and search Map markers on Google Maps

Version 1.11.8
- improved: sortable items of Select list/Radio buttons/Checkboxes content fields
- improved: low images in slider widget now center vertically 
- improved: listings with empty values now included in sorted results
- improved: improvements in microdata markup
- improved: adapted for PHP 5.6
- lots of small bug fixes

Version 1.11.7
- improved: improvements in microdata markup
- improved: display default image in listings widget
- new setting: ignore the browser's language setting and force maps to display information in a particular WPML language
- improved: now radius search affects on search results only when address field was filled in
- bug fix: text area field on map InfoWindow
- bug fix: expiration date metabox error
- bug fix: Google Map problems in hidden tab on single listing page
- lots of small bug fixes

Version 1.11.6
- new setting: hide/show author information - author name and possible link to author website
- new setting: enable/disable full screen button
- new setting: enable/disable zoom by mouse wheel for desktops
- new setting: enable/disable map dragging on touch screen devices
- new setting: enable/disable center map on marker click
- new setting: hide/show compact search form on the map for mobile devices
- bug fix: default logo didn't display in InfoWindow
- bug fix: inactive address field input on compact search form for mobile devices
- bug fix: "map.getZoom() is not a function" javascript error was fixed

Version 1.11.5
- bug fix: strict standards error in Listing expiration date metabox
- bug fix: images uploading button for anonymous users
- bug fix: empty name of categories content field
- documentation updated

Version 1.11.4
- improved: now standard contact form works using AJAX
- improved: Google reCAPTCHA implemented
- improved: now YouTube videos attachment does not require Google API key
- new setting: Google server API key - require by Geocoding API for radius search functionality
- bug fix: invoice print bug
- lots of bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.11.3
- adapted for WordPress 4.4
- adapted for WPML 3.3.X
- new feature: listings clicks statistics functionality
- new feature: Google Maps full screen option
- bug fix: listings height fixed in grid view in Safari on Mac
- bug fix: javascript error in datepicker UI widgets
- bug fix: paginator on frontend dashboard page

Version 1.11.2
- bug fix: paginator on frontend listings dashboard
- bug fix: javascript error when content fields were assigned with specific categories

Version 1.11.1
- bug fix: assigning locations with listing validation error

Version 1.11.0
- new feature: map markers icons from Font Awesome set
- new feature: ability to select default map marker icon and color
- new feature: ability to select map marker icon and color for each category separately
- new feature: compact search form on the map
- improved: in AJAX loading mode the map pans to selected location or address

Version 1.10.4
- improved: style select dropboxes down arrow
- bug fix: google maps initialization function could not be properly called when Google Maps API was included by 3rd party

Version 1.10.3
- bug fix: tabs content not visible on listing page
- bug fix: google maps do not load in Internet Explorer
- bug fix: stop the vertical Google Map copyright label in Internet Explorer
- bug fix: https mixed content for youtube videos
- bug fix: line break removed from directions route address
- bug fix: listing_thumb_width parameter of [webdirectory-listings] shortcode now inherits global directory setting

Version 1.10.0
- new feature: use AJAX loading - load maps and listings using AJAX when click on search button, sorting buttons, pagination buttons
- new feature: initial AJAX loading - initially load listings only after the page was completely loaded
- new feature: display "Show More Listings" button instead of default paginator
- new feature: ability to connect search forms, google maps and listings blocks to work together without reloading of page
- new feature: use custom login page for listings submission process
- new feature: use custom login page for login into dashboard
- new feature: separate custom login pages for different languages using WPML plugin
- new feature: separate Contact Form 7 shortcodes for different languages using WPML plugin
- new shortcode: [webdirectory-levels-table] - listings levels table. Works in the same way as 1st step on Listings submit, displays only pricing table.
- improved: most of javascript code was combined into one file and will be included in the footer of page
- demo was seriously updated
- lots of bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.9.10
- bug fix: broken listings layout in Chrome browser on mobile devices

Version 1.9.9
- new feature: 'view listing' button on frontend dashboard
- new feature: automatic rotating slideshow for slider widget
- improved: custom tabs widget instead of bootstrap nav tabs
- improved: unnecessary code was removed from bootstrap.js libarary
- bug fix: double inclusion of localized javascript data and google maps API inclusion

Version 1.9.8
- improved: password generator widget from latest WordPress 4.3
- bug fix: javascript and CSS files inclusions on all pages with directory shortcodes

Version 1.9.7
- new setting: hide claim metabox at the frontend dashboard
- improved: javascript files will be included in the footer of page
- improved: javascript and CSS files will be included only on directory pages and pages those contain directory widgets

Version 1.9.6
- adapted for WordPress 4.3
- new feature: RTL (Right To Left) support - layout, functionality, UI widgets
- new feature: different Terms Of Services pages for different languages (using WPML)
- new setting: exclude logo image from images gallery on single listing page
- improved: adapted to easily change URLs for translations in WPML frontend menus
- improved: added support of 'hreflang' tag in WPML
- improved: opening hours field compatible with 'Week Starts On' setting
- improved: compatibility with Events Manager plugin was added
- improved: user email now does not concatenated with login when new user register in listing submission
- improved: new version of Select2 was integrated
- lots of bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.9.5
- YouTube API updated
- new setting: endable/disable lightbox on images gallery
- new feature: richtext editor for textarea content field
- bug fix: validation errors in opening hours content field
- sample CSV file was included into 'documentation/' folder
- documentation updated

Version 1.9.4
- bug fix: broken payment link for payment gateways
- new setting: hide decimals in levels price table
- new feature: WP SEO Yoast plugin supports titles and metas for locations excerpt pages

Version 1.9.3
- bug fix: 404 error for /%listing_slug%/%postname%/ listings permalinks structure

Version 1.9.2
- requirement for frontend dashboard users to have 'edit_post' permission was removed
- bug fix: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error on 'Create new listing' page
- improved: users can not edit pending and draft listings at frontend dashboard

Version 1.9.1
- new setting: aspect ratio of logo in Grid View (1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 2:1)
- new setting: do not include Google Maps API at backend
- security update: handled add_query_arg and remove_query_arg security vulnerabilities in wordpress
- lots of bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.9.0
- new feature: listings permalinks structure - 6 possible structures
- new feature: location excerpt/archive pages
- new feature: locations block - locations/sublocations navigation menu
- new settings: customize colors of locations block
- new shortcode: [webdirectory-locations] - build locations list
- new widget: locations - build locations/sublocations navigation menu
- new feature: breadcrumbs mode on listing single page - 3 possible modes
- new setting: enable/disable breadcrumbs
- new setting: hide home link in breadcrumbs
- new setting: listings comments mode - 3 modes: always enabled, always disabled, as configured in WP settings
- new feature: random ordering of listings
- new feature: 2 modes for opening hours content field 12-hour clock and 24-hour clock
- new feature: Terms of Services checkbox and link on submission page
- new feature: directions functionality - 2 modes: built-in routing and link to Google Maps
- new setting: priority of opening of listing tabs
- new setting: enable/disable autocomplete on addresses fields
- new setting: enable/disable "Get my location" button on addresses fields
- new setting: Google Maps API key
- new feature: sales taxes functionality + 5 settings
- added: 2 custom fields in users profile: billing name and billing address
- added: by default only admins may change listing expiration date, separate setting to enable this feature for regular users
- improved: awesome font icons as content fields icons instead of images files
- improved: choose-level page adapted for mobile devices

Version 1.8.6
- new feature: 2 modes for images gallery main slide - cut image to fit width and height of main slide or full image inside main slide
- 5 new settings: ability to disable address fields: address line 1, address line 2, zip or postal index, additional info field, manual coordinates fields
- optimization for giant number of categories and locations
- bug fixed: wordpress customizer compatibility
- bug fixed: qTranslate plugin compatibility
- bug fixed: logo images bug for hover effect #6 in Safari
- bug fixed: number of columns on choose level page
- bug fixed: youtube embedded videos on SSL pages

Version 1.8.5
- adapted for new versions of WordPress SEO plugin
- improvement: listings grid view responsive for mobile devices and tablets

Version 1.8.4
- new feature: new listings view (grid view) + views switcher
- new feature: ability to select the number of columns for grid view (from 2 to 4)
- new feature: tags metabox on frontend submission form
- improvement: slight redesign of the submission page
- improvement: categories selection tree became expandable javascript tree in order to save space when have lots of categories
- new setting: wrap logo image by text content on excerpt pages in list view
- added: 5 new logo hover effects + option to disable hover effects
- added: directory listings filters at the backend

Version 1.8.3
- new feature: claim listings functionality
- new feature: social sharing buttons with counters
- new feature: sort content fields by groups
- new feature: input and search address fields now connected with google maps places autocomplete service
- new feature: 'Get my location' button on input and search address fields
- new setting: set images gallery width in pixels instead of 100% width on single listing page
- improvement: ability to place content fields group on a separate tab on single listing page
- improvement: ability to hide content fields group from anonymous users
- added: notification to admin when new listing created
- added: ability to disable description and excerpt fields
- added: new 'Red-Blue' predefined color schema
- bug fixed: bootstrap tabs hidden after click in some themes

Version 1.8.2
- language files improved
- new setting: use gradient on buttons
- improvement: ability to show active period of listings levels as 'daily', 'monthly', 'annually' words

Version 1.8.1
- all additional modules (frontend submission, payments and ratings) were converted and moved into core plugin
- ability to install the plugin using the built-in WordPress plugin installer - installation instructions updated
- new setting: sticky and featured listings always will be on top

Version 1.8.0
- "slight" redesign
- new settings framework
- new features for color palettes customization - ability to choose exact colors for different elements of frontend layout
- new setting: listing thumbnail logo width
- new setting: bottom margin between listings
- new setting: listing title font size
- new setting: jQuery UI Style
- new set of map markers icons
- new setting: default map height
- new content field: opening hours
- ability to add special notes for each location separately
- images slider carousel controls by mouse wheel
- new levels setting: enabled/disable listings detailed pages for each level separately
- new levels setting: nofollow attribute of links to detailed listings pages
- ability to restrict content fields by each level individually
- new type of prices/numbers content fields search input - range slider with min-max
- 2 types of search input - checkboxes or selectbox for select, checkboxes and radio content fields
- new setting: the order of address elements
- new setting: excerpt field max length
- new setting: use cropped content as excerpt
- new setting: strip HTML from excerpt
- new setting: ability to disable single payments by paypal
- new setting: default logo image
- new setting: exclude listings with empty values from sorted results
- new settings to control sizes and offsets of map markers and InfoWindow
- some additional bug fixes

Version 1.7.0
- adapted for WP Visual Composer plugin
- 2 additional modules (enhanced locations and enhanced search) were converted and moved into core plugin
- new feature: build Custom Home Page with custom layout
- existed shortcodes were improved with new parameters
- 3 new shortcodes were added: webdirectory-listing, webdirectory-buttons, webdirectory-slider
- bug fixed: meta data from WP SEO plugin was broken
- some additional bug fixes

Version 1.6.2
- adapted for WPML plugin
- adapted and tested with Wordpress 4.0
- new setting allows to not include Google Maps API to avoid conflicts
- bug fixed: media uploader for small images
- some additional bug fixes

Version 1.6.1
- ability to upload/attach several images per one time using WP media library button
- some bug fixes

Version 1.6.0
- new feature: ability to upgrade/downgrade listings levels - this option may be payment
- Stripe payment gateway integration
- WP media library button for registered users instead of custom images uploader
- now it is possible to remove unnecessary invoices from admin dashboard
- adapted for new versions of Contact form 7 plugin v3.9+

Version 1.5.8
- ability to change default "order by" parameter was added
- new settings to enable/disable following sorting links: sorting by date, sorting by title, sorting by distance, sorting by ratings
- new setting: default country/state for correct geocoding
- documentation improved

Version 1.5.7
- categories block redesign
- new setting to restrict max number of subcategories in categories block and categories widget
- the number of nesting levels (1-2) and the number of columns (1-4) in categories block now strongly limited
- 5 new settings to show/hide main search filters: keywords, locations, address, categories and radius filters
- new setting: default radius search value
- lots of bugfixes

Version 1.5.6
- search hooks moved to frontend controller
- the output of categories and tags content fields now is comma separated
- custom login form became responsive
- lots of bugfixes

Version 1.5.5
- the plugin adapted to work in WP Multisite
- new setting for widgets: show or hide widget on directory pages

Version 1.5.4
- integration with Contact Form 7 plugin for contact listing owner form
- new setting: ability to hide profile form at the frontend dashboard
- 2 new search settings: minimum and maximum range of radius search
- nested shortcodes supported now
- lots of bugfixes

Version 1.5.3
- now the font size of 'FREE' label is equal to digits of price at the page of first step of frontend listings submission
- bug fixed: flush ratings permission at the frontend
- bug fixed: error of empty google maps object in 4 frontend templates

Version 1.5.2
- set whole width for search radius slider
- bug fixed: rewrite rules
- bug fixed: edit listing button permission changed from 'edit_posts' to 'edit_post'
- adapted for new version of WordPress SEO plugin

Version 1.5.1
- new feature: Google Maps markers may be loaded by AJAX to reduce the loading time of page (only for 'webdirectory-map' shortcode)
- new feature: Google Maps geolocation (only for 'webdirectory-map' shortcode)
- new images for clusters of Google Maps markers
- bug fixed: AJAX loading problem for non admin users when access to backend restricted
- bug fixed: content field regex validation in CSV importer
- bug fixed: prevent wrong redirect for some WordPress instances

Version 1.5.0
- new feature: frontend dashboard, ability to manage listings, invoices and profile for regular users
- first step of frontend listings submission was completely redesigned
- 5 new settings
- documentation improved

Version 1.4.3
- bug fixed: problem with access to temp directory during CSV file uploading
- bug fixed: sql queries were not processing during plugins bulk activation

Version 1.4.2
- new customization feature was added: ability to choose color palette for frontend
- documentation improved

Version 1.4.1
- additional module: 5-star ratings for listings
- display 5-star ratings in map marker info window
- new feature: order by rating
- backend ratings management
- the layout was adapted for Schema.org microdata format
- the layout was adapted for facebook Open Graph microdata format

Version 1.4.0
- 4 additional shortcodes were added
- ability to output content fields in map marker info window
- new setting to hide posts counts in locations search dropboxes
- new setting to hide cycle on the map during radius search
- new setting to enable clusters of map markers

Version 1.3.2
- new design of Google Maps markers Info window
- implemented Bootstrap Tabs widget instead of jQuery UI tabs
- restriction for users to see media/attachment posts of another users
- new setting to hide search block in main part of page, but leave search widget functionality
- 2 new settings to hide comments number from index and excerpt pages and hide listings creation date

Version 1.3.1
- new feature was added: CSV import with ability to import images files
- static Google Map for 'Listing print' and 'Listing in PDF' pages
- improvements in paginator
- documentation improved

Version 1.3.0
- new responsive design based on Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework
- 4 widgets were added: search widget, categories widget, listings widget, social accounts widget
- ability to set custom Google Map style + 10 map styles were added
- 2 new settings
- improvements for WordPress SEO plugin

Version 1.2.0
- payments premium module
- invoices management
- paypal payment gateway
- paypal subscriptions payment gateway
- bank transfer payment gateway
- ability to set expiration dates of limited (not eternal) listings manually
- documentation improved

Version 1.1.7
- new feature was added: icons for categories
- contact form for anonymous users bug was fixed

Version 1.1.6
- translation issues on directory admin page were fixed
- content fields menu page hook now stored in content fields manager object

Version 1.1.5
- new settings was added 'Default map zoom'
- core content fields bug was fixed
- creation of new listing with empty title now renders error message and saves draft instead of unknown action

Version 1.1.4
- favourites list functionality was implemented: Put in/Out button on listings pages and 'My favourites list' special page
- new 'Print listing' option
- new 'Get listing in PDF' option
- 'Edit listing' button was placed on listing page, visible only for users, those can edit current listing

Version 1.1.3
- javascript code for dependencies of content fields from selected categories was improved
- the bug that causes problems when some of content fields change its types was fixed
- special condition for edit listing link was added in 'listing_single.tpl.php' template

Version 1.1.2
- 2 new settings were added: ability to hide contact form option, ability to disable rendering of listings on directory home page
- Yoast SEO plugin compatibility bug was fixed
- recaptcha bug on contact form was fixed
- checkboxes content field bug when all checkboxes unchecked was fixed
- the plugin fully adapted for customizations in css and template files
- the plugin fully adapted for new 'Frontend submission' premium module

Version 1.1.1
- locations metabox bug was fixed

Version 1.1.0
- the structure of plugin was redesigned to be compatible with most of wordpress themes
- compatibility with Yoast SEO plugin was added
- 2 unnecessary settings were removed

Version 1.0.7
- new setting was added to manage width of HTML content part of all directory pages

Version 1.0.6
- listings title layout bug fixed - esc_attr() added
- 2 new settings for search panel added

Version 1.0.5
- default installation content fields added

Version 1.0.4
- added support of SSL for https sites when YouTube videos attached

Version 1.0.3
- added support of SSL for https sites
- fixed bug with locations number during new levels creation

Version 1.0.2
- default installation locations terms added

Version 1.0.1
- fixed bug that appears during new content fields creation

Version 1.0.0
- initial release