WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

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WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts lets you manage product pricing rules and cart discounts easily. Features and flexibility are not matched by any alternative.

Boost Your Sales
Sell more! Set up attractive discounts for customers who buy large quantities. Run special Christmas, Easter or Black Friday promotions. Set up clearance or flash sales. All laptops 15% off until midnight. Free case with each cell phone. Using this extension, you can set up the most powerful promotions in minutes!

Increase Customer Loyalty
Create long term pricing strategies to keep your best customers engaged. Reward customers that reach specific lifetime goals (money spent, orders completed). Use one store for both retail and wholesale sales. Start a club and offer insider discounts. Set up discounts for individual clients based on direct agreements.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

  • Create unlimited pricing rules using a powerful rule editor
  • Control which rules are applied – all, first matched or biggest discount
  • Rule can be applied to all products in store, specific categories or specific products
  • Five different quantity calculation methods to determine pricing tier
  • Display Quantity Discount pricing table on product pages
  • Pricing table can be displayed inline or in a modal
  • Optionally set promotion start and end dates

Adjustment Methods

  • Quantity Discount – discounts increase with quantity purchased
  • Special Offer – specific amount of items purchased discounts other items
  • Exclude matched items – exclude specified items from other, usually more general rules
  • Possible to configure repeating special offer rule (e.g. free frame with each picture purchased)
  • Possible to count quantities of one set of items but apply discount to other item
  • Percentage discount, price discount or fixed price adjustments supported


  • Apply To: All products, Categories in list, Categories not in list, Products in list, Products not in list
  • Customers: All customers, Roles in list, Roles not in list, Customers in list, Customers not in list

WooCommerce Cart Discounts

  • Create unlimited conditional cart discount rules
  • Control whether discounts are applied before tax or after tax
  • Control which discounts are applied – all, first matched or biggest discount
  • Apply rule only if cart contains no products with price adjustments
  • Percentage discount and amount discount supported
  • Optionally set discount start and end dates


  • Cart Subtotal: Subtotal at least, Subtotal less than
  • Cart Item Count: Count of cart items at least, Count of cart items less than
  • Quantity Sum: Sum of item quantities at least, Sum of item quantities less than
  • Products In Cart: At least one product in cart, None of selected products in cart
  • Categories In Cart: At least one category in cart, None of selected categories in cart
  • Customer Details: User in list, User role in list, Order count to date at least, Amount spent to date at least, Shipping country in list

Virtually Unlimited Scenarios

With this powerful WooCommerce extension you can create almost any promotion that you can imagine!

We know your head is probably spinning with perfect ideas but here’s a few examples of what this plugin can do for you just in case you need a hint:

  • Buy at least 10 units get 5% discount
  • Buy between 2 and 5 units get 10% discount, buy at least 6 get 20% discount
  • With each desktop computer get wireless keyboard with 50% discount
  • Spend at least $1000 get 15% discount on your order
  • iPhone case with each iPhone purchased
  • Get $5 cart discount if you purchase anything from category Clothing
  • Everything for $9 until midnight but only if you purchase at least 3 items
  • This month all music albums 10% off, singles 25% off
  • 5% discount if no other discount is applied
  • 5% lifetime discount after your 10th order, 10% after 50th
  • VIP club members get 25% cart discount on all items
  • Give 10% discount on laptops but only if customer is not VIP club member
  • Users with role Shop manager get 100% discount for testing purposes
  • And almost any other dynamic pricing and conditional discount scenario that you can imagine!

What Users Say


Version 1.1, 11 April 2016
[+] Added support for automatic updates
[*] Fixed admin ui styling issue
[*] Improved compatibility with Wordpress 4.5

Version 1.0.18, 8 April 2015
[*] Fixed cart discount not being displayed on product quantity change
[*] Fixed "coupon invalid" warning when the last item is removed from cart
[-] Removed option to apply discount after tax (not available since WooCommerce 2.3)

Version 1.0.17, 9 March 2015
[*] Fixed cart discount not being displayed on the first cart load

Version 1.0.16, 25 February 2015
[*] Fixed a bug that displayed a price striked through when no discount was applied

Version 1.0.15, 19 February 2015
[*] Quick fix related to compatibility issues with WooCommerce 2.3

Version 1.0.14, 4 February 2015
[*] Fixed a bug related to subtotal in widget mini cart
[*] Improved compatibility with WooCommerce 2.0 (function remove_coupon())

Version 1.0.13, 30 October 2014
[*] Fixed a bug related to pricing table display conditions check

Version 1.0.12, 24 October 2014
[*] Pricing table now displays trailing zeros by default
[*] Fixed a bug related to maximum_amount property of WooCommerce coupon
[*] Fixed array to string conversion notice
[*] Fixed subtotal and total display in mini cart

Version 1.0.11, 24 September 2014
[-] Removed hardcoded rounding to two decimals in favor of WooCommerce setting
[*] Change language file template name from default.pot to rp_wcdpd.pot
[*] "Products in list" will now include products with various statuses

Version 1.0.10, 10 September 2014
[*] Allowing other plugins to extend list of capabilities to use in conditions
[*] Fixed notice "Undefined index: display_offers" 

Version 1.0.9, 9 September 2014
[*] Improved compatibility with PHP 5.2 (PHP_ROUND_HALF_DOWN issue)
[*] Changed $discounts_applied property from private to public

Version 1.0.8, 20 August 2014
[*] Allowing discounts to be applied by manually calling apply_discounts()
[*] Fixed cart discount coupon error when WooCommerce coupons are disabled
[*] Fixed a few Strict Standards warnings

Version 1.0.7, 13 August 2014
[*] Suppressing the Coupon Is Not Valid error on cart quantity changes
[*] Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.0.6, 6 August 2014
[*] Fixed discount rounding issues

Version 1.0.5, 14 July 2014
[*] Fixed infinite loop issue when 'ghost' categories are present
[*] Fixed variable product price adjustment bug

Version 1.0.4, 26 June 2014
[*] Rule selection for pricing table improvements
[*] Fixed a bug that prevented pricing table from being displayed on last variation

Version 1.0.3, 16 April 2014
[*] Improved plugin performance

Version 1.0.2, 27 March 2014
[+] Added user capabilities to conditions list (support for Groups plugin)
[*] Pricing table will be displayed instantly, if all variations have the same price
[*] Fixed pricing table display when using ranges of one unit
[*] Improved algorithms related to quantity calculation

Version 1.0.1, 12 March 2014
[*] Several minor bug fixes

Version 1.0, 10 March 2014
[+] Initial release

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