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WooCommerce Product Configurator

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The WooCommerce Product Configurator plugin is a fantastic addition to your WooCommerce store. Let’s set the scene:

You sell variable products that the user can configure, let’s say sunglasses. The user can choose a colour for the main frame, left arm, right arm, and a lens type. There are 3 different lens types and 4 different colours for the other attributes. This makes a total of 192 possible variations. It would be a terrible job making 192 different variation images for your customer to see, and what happens when you want to add a new attribute into the mix?

This is where the WooCommerce Product Configurator comes in. Using transparent PNGs, you can assign an image to each attribute value of you product. These are then combined into a single final image, based on your customer’s selection. This means you only need to create 15 images. On top of that, adding a new attribute or attribute value is simple!

So if you sell variable products and want your customer to see what they’re buying, without you having to create an extortionate number images, the WooCommerce Product Configurator plugin is for you!


**v1.1.4** (27/04/16)  
[update] Author tags  
[fix] Check to see if WooCommerce is active - fix issue on multisites  
[fix] Some hosts don't allow remote images in getimagesize, changed to path so images are generated  
[fix] Error when no default image is set, but it was before  
[fix] Make sure correct image shows in email if it's enabled  
[update] Add validation to check for PNG images  
[fix] Attribute add default image button

**v1.1.3** (16/01/16)  
[fix] admin_url SSL issue

**v1.1.2** (09/09/15)  
[update] change watch to .variations select

v1.1.1 (08/09/15)
[fix] Errors when $post is not set
[fix] Undefined param issue on add_to_cart_inventory_check
[fix] Missing terms when product is draft

v1.1.0 (13/07/15)
[fix] Image layers not loading
[fix] Image layer loading broken image when no image assigned
[fix] Default image layer functionality
[update] Added inventory functionality * Make sure to deactivate/reactivate to install the new DB table
[fix] Removed images from order success and order email

v1.0.8 (27/06/15)
[fix] Moved check for woocommerce to try and fix header issues
[fix] Remove invalid header error
[fix] is_array errors
[update] better pot file

v1.0.7 (27/04/15)
[fix] Moved check for woocommerce to try and fix header issues

v1.0.6 (19/02/15)
[Update] Add Cyr to Lat enhanced compatibility

v1.0.5 (18/02/15)
[Update] Allow for Russian (and other lang) attributes - caution: may affect previous configurations
[Fix] Load admin scripts only on edit product page
[Update] Check if WooCommerce is enabled
[Fix] Fix compatibility with WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos v1.5.3 

v1.0.4 (06/08/14)
[Fix] Fixed bug where TGM didn't notify that Redux was required

v1.0.3 (27/07/14)
[Update] Added "Default" image for attributes
[Fix] Fixed bug where configurator was displayed on frontend even though it wasn't enabled
[Update] Now works with WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos by Lucas Stark
[Update] Added ability to order configurator options independantly, via drag/drop

[Fix] Removed tgmpa_load_bulk_installer error

[Fix] Configurator Enabled returned yes, not true. Added check for this.

Initial Release