WooCommerce Products Color Filters – WP Plugin

WooCommerce Products Color Filters – WP Plugin

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Nowadays if you want to have a successful business , a successful online store it’s essential to bring something new, innovative, unique to your customers shopping experience. Using our plugin you can generate primary colors from your product images and assign those color tags to products .

It’s that easy! Place the products color filter widget wherever you want to appear on your store and allow your customers to browse your products by using color filters.

Enhance the value of your store today!

Main features :

  • Easy to use & quick install as plugin on wordpress platform
  • Custom color filter settings
  • Generate colors from your product images
  • Add custom color palettes
  • Select how many colors to be extracted from product image
  • Bulk products color checker – extract colors from multiple products at a time
  • Works as a widget, just add the Products Color filter where you want to appear on your store

Requirements in order to use the plugin:

  • Wordpress 3.4 +
  • WOOCommerce Wordpress Plugin – Version 1.6.3 +
  • PHP GD extension installed on server
  • PHP version : 5 +

What containts the package that you downloaded :

First of all please, using WinRar unzip the package that you downloaded, don’t try to install the whole archive as plugin on wordpress because it won’t work.
  • A folder called Plugin that contains a zip archive that you must install as plugin on Wordpress
  • User manual (a pdf file)

WooCommerce Products Color Filters – Settings

Color Filter Settings

  • Number of colors – How many colors to be extracted from the product image.
  • WOOCommerce Wordpress Plugin – Version 1.6.3 +
  • Reduce Brightness – If the image has brightness, select yes/no if you want it to be reduced.
  • Delta – Delta is the image color perimeter.
  • Resize image before check at size – We obtain the colors by croping the images in the process.Smaller means faster.
  • Colors names – One per line. Format: “color name => rgb”. E.g: red => 255, 0, 0

Bulk Products Color Checker

  • Filter by category – With this feature you extract colors from multiple products at once.

Setup / Backup

  • Install plugin default settings
  • Backup you current plugin settings

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