WooCommerce Quickview

WooCommerce Quickview

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WooCommerce Quickview

WooCommerce Quickview allows you to quickly view and purchase any product in your WooCommerce catalog whilst browsing a category or product listing page.

Fantastic Features

  • Quickly view and purchase products from catalog pages
  • Ajax or standard add to cart via the quickview modal
  • Highly customisable button position, colours, show/hide quick view elements, and much more
  • Variation gallery when a variation is selected, the image will transition accordingly
  • Sleek, minimal styling to blend into any theme
  • Navigate between products on the page using the quick view gallery navigation
  • Manually place the quick view button in your theme to open the modal from anywhere
  • Hooks and filters for developers

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These are the latest updates, the full changelog is available in the ReadMe file once downloaded.

**3.4.2** (19/06/16)  
[fix] Fix Ajax add to cart issue when attribute name/value contains special chars  
[update] Compatibility with WooThumbs  
[update] Update dependancies  
[update] Relative admin_url

**3.4.1** (19/06/16)  
[update] Author tags
[fix] Issue where add to cart buttons stopped working after opening quickview
[update] Add compatibility for WooCommerce Attribute Swatches by Iconic

**3.4.0** (25/04/16)  
[fix] Ajax add to cart issues  
[update] Updated and refined all javascript  
[update] New settings framework refinements  
[update] Change SKU on variation selection

**3.3.2** (11/03/16)  
[fix] Require wp util and jquery for script  
[update] Add RTL support

**3.3.1** (10/02/16)  
[fix] Gallery next/prev not working because of WPML 3.2.6 pid fix  
[fix] Button styles