Woocommerce Visual Products Configurator

Woocommerce Visual Products Configurator

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An amazingly simple, yet incredibly powerful Woocommerce “build your own” extension which helps your customer configure or compose any product visually.



Do you sell complex products which has a lot of options your customer needs to setup prior to purchase? Well the Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator got you covered by giving your customers access to a fun and simple build your own interface not only to compose their perfect product but also to have a preview of how their final product will look like.


Sunglasses, watches, controllers, flowers, shirts, suits…. the Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator can be used to create any product composition and make the configuration process seamless for every customer.


Don’t worry about the number of options that be can be set for a product. The Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator can handle an unlimited number of parameters without a single glitch.


As a merchant, that’s a sure thing that not all options for a specific product have the same price. The Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator includes the ability for you to easily define a price per option.


What if some options may only be choosen depending on the usage of other? Don’t worry The Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator already has the ability to quickly define some rules to handle that aspect of your shop.


The Woocommerce Product Designer can be used from any computer, any recent browser and any mobile device seamlessly.


We keep improving our plugin based on our customer feedback and new features request. Never worry about anything. Receive the Woocommerce Product Designer updates notification right in your wordpress dashboard for free and for life everytime a new release is available.


Version 2.3.7 – July 19th, 2016

-Added ability to hide linked products in the cart
-Added controls to prevent a linked product to be removed from the cart without the main one
-Fixed price format issue when there is a space between the currency and the price
-Fixed max_input_vars verification issue

Version 2.3.5 – May 20th, 2016

-Added ability to select an option in the conditional rules
-Added compatibility with Polylang
-Added or relationship for conditions in groups
-Fixed issue: after the rules are applied, the first element available in a component should be selected if there is no other option checked
-Fixed issue: multiple selections are not shown properly on the featured image area in the cart
-Fixed price formatting issue with woocommerce standards
-Fixed multiple selections issue on the cart and checkout pages
-Fixed order again issue
-Changed hooks priority to fixed issue with woocommerce multilingual plugin

Version 2.3.4 – February 12th, 2016

-Fixed issue on conditionnal rules where options and components ID are generated manually
-Fixed bootstrap modal conflicts
-Improved conditionnal rules screen

Version 2.3.3 – February 1st, 2016

-Added version to javascript files loadings
-Improved configurations in cart storage to avoid conflicts with other plugins
-Fixed issue: images on the configuration page are not loaded since the last update.

Version 2.3.2 – January 28th, 2016

-Added lazyload feature in the configurations creation screen to improve the speed for large configurations
-Added configuration image as thumbnail for the product on the cart page
-Added setting to hide the add to cart button for configurable products
-Removed sessions usage configurations in cart
-Fuxed issue: configuration page issue with WPML when the page translation is not available
-Fixed issue: the search field in the medias modal is not usable when configuring the options
-Fixed sort issue for options
-Fixed issue: The components and options fields can't be edited on firefox
-Fixed issue: currency don't show up with price when the ajax loading is enabled
-Fixed issue: Tooltips are not loaded when the ajax loading is enabled
-Fixed issue: variations configurations are not saved when we click on the publish/save button without displaying the variations

Version 2.3.1 – December 28th, 2015

-Fixed javascript issue that crashes the configurator and other pages

Version 2.3 – December 24th, 2015

-Added description to option tooltip
-Added number of fields verification in forms to avoid data lost due to max input vars
-Improved conditionnal rules feature
-Improved plugin speed
Version 2.2 – December 13rd, 2015
-Fixed javascript issue that prevent the configurator to load properly
-Fixed issue: variations configurations are not saved when we click on the Save changes button
-Fixed issue: icons disappear sometimes when the options names contains characters that can't be included in urls

Version 2.1 – July 07th November, 2015

-Added ability to duplicate a configuration
-Added ability to update the plugin from wordpress dashboard (require envato username, api key and purchase code)
-Updated user manual
-Updated language files
-Added ability to load the configurator via ajax
-Added ability to reorganize the components and options when creating a component
-Fixed issue: configurator is very slow after the update to 2.0

Version 2.0 – November 24th, 2015

-Completly rewritten plugin to be more integrated into the wordpress ecosystem and new API for custom made extensions.
-After deploying the update, make sure you backup your database and move run the updater by clicking on the update button in the admin area http://prntscr.com/95wzuc to move the old configurations to the new structure handled by the new version.

Version 1.2 – September 1st, 2015

-added: Ability to link a configuration option to a product
-added: Ability to clone configuration
-Added: Conditionnal display reverse rule
-Added: Plugin requirements admin notice
-Fixed: variable products issue with woocommerce 2.4

Version 1.0 – May 23rd, 2015

-Moved the entire plugin structure to boilerplate for performance.

Version 0.7 – March 13th, 2015

-Added conditional logic
-Added ability to choose differents customizations pages per product
-Added control if woocommerce is installed
-Added options to refresh or redirect after adding a product to the cart
-Improved permalinks structure

Version 0.6 – November 19th, 2014

-Fixed customize button appearance under non customizable products
-Fixed configuration deletion issue
-Updated the user manual to include the shortcode for the builder page
-Removed demo installation section from the documentation.
-Added ability to changes the icons for the builder in the admin popup
-Fixed default option icon issue in the configuration creation page

Version 0.5 – October 31st, 2014

-Fixed customize button appearance under non customizable products
-Fixed configuration deletion issue