WooTabs,Add Extra Tabs to WooCommerce Product Page

WooTabs,Add Extra Tabs to WooCommerce Product Page

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If you are one of those people that are ALWAYS looking for more ways to keep your WooCommerce website visitors longer then WooTabs is the perfect plugin for you.


WooTabs Intro

Simple to use but also powerful when it comes to decreasing bounce rates and increasing sales, the plugin allows you to add extra tabs (as many as you want) to the WooCommerce Product Details page.

For example, lets say you are selling a product that could ideally be accompanied with a video showing its ease of use or features, WooTabs allow you to add an extra tab entitled “How to …” and embed your YouTube, Vimeo or any other video-sharing embed code. You then just save the settings, giving your visitors an extra reason to stay longer on your website, increasing the possibility of them converting into a sale. Or maybe you just want to let your website visitors enquire about a specific product; just enter the Tab title and post the enquire form shortcode or your own html code through the Tab description field.

WooTabs, just like our other plugin, WooWaitlist, is geared towards website monetization – in other words, making more money through your WooCommerce website. We believe this handy tool will be extremely useful in your ecommerce efforts, allowing you to tweak and customize to your heart’s content.

WooTabs - Video Demo

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  • You can add unlimited tabs; the limit is only set by your theme width
  • You can set a global tab that can be applied to all products
  • Show Global WooTabs on selected or all WooCommerce categories
  • Add Empty Global WooTabs which you can later customize per Product. For example adding a “Tech Spec” Global WooTab with empty content then you can go to each product and edit Global WooTabs Title and Content
  • Enable or Disable Global WooTabs per product
  • Easy tab content handling
  • WooTabs(Global WooTabs per Product WooTabs and WooCommerce Tabs) order can be changed as you wish, for example you can move the Review Tabs at the end of the tab Sequence
  • WooTabs can be shown before or after default WooCommerce Tabs
  • Native WordPress WYSIWYG editor for editing custom content
  • You can edit the title of the WooTabs
  • You can delete WooTabs
  • You can insert text in the Tab description area along with shortcodes (for example, contact shortcode)
  • You can disable WooTabs that you don’t want to use but don’t want deleted, just in case they are needed in the future
  • Instant Save for WooTab settings using Ajax
  • Includes .mo and .po files for localization
  • Supports RTL
  • You can enable or disable access to Shop Manager via Global Settings
  • You can choose if you want to Keep WooCommerce Data or Uninstall
  • Tabs in WooCommerce were introduced from version 2.0.x, so WooTabs is compatible for the same versions

3-Minute Installation

  1. Download the extension from CodeCanyon
  2. Unzip it
  3. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file with name wootabs.zip
  4. Click Install Now, and then Activate
  5. Go to your product page and scroll down for the WooTabs add-on
  6. Select Add Tab and enter your Tab title (for example, “How to”), enter the tab content (shortcodes can be included)
  7. Save tab
  8. Update your product


Plugin is developed to work and function with the default WP installation, themes and plugins. If you are using plugins and themes(mostly) that don’t follow the WP standards then there is chance that the plugin won’t work as expected unless you adjust your theme or plugin with conflicts accordingly.

WooTabs Support

You can request support or send questions and inquiries through the Support Contact Form.

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WPML Addon for WooTabs


version 2.1.7 - 06.10.2016
- Fix: Added backwards compatibility for decoded tab data
- Fix: Tab data getting corrupt sporadically
version 2.1.6 - 28.09.2016
- Fix: Added filters for better WPML compatibility using the WPML add-on.
- Fix: 'Save Tabs' button not appearing sometimes on product page.
- New: Korean translation inscluded, thanks to Josh Kim.
- Change: Removed encryption on tab data for easier migration
version 2.1.5 - 21.11.2015
- Fix: Tab orders messing up in global and product level tabs
- Fix: Global tabs doubling up when their ability to be populated in products is turned off
version 2.1.4 - 07.10.2015
- Fix: text_direction option was deprecated and replaced
version 2.1.3 - 28.07.2015
- Bug fix: Replaced hidden class from admin.css
version 2.1.2 - 05.06.2015
- New: Tabs are stored in db in readable format
- New: Use html code in WooTab Titles
- Change: Minor code edits for better frontend performance
version 2.1.1 - 08.04.2015
Bug fix: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in woocommerce-wootabs/public/class-woocommerce-wootabs.php on line 512
Bug fix: Global Tabs dint follow the order unless a product was updated
version 2.1 - 03.04.2015
- New Feature: Now you can add(populate) a Global Tab to all of your product(or some of them using thew category filter) and be able to customize it per Product. For example you can add an empty Global Tab with your "Tech Specs" to the selected product categories and then go to each of those products and add the custom spec details, title etc. You can also deactivate a Global Tab from a selected product withing the Product Edit Page.
- Change: When you Update a Products then your Product WooTabs are updated too.
- Change: Global Tab Settings Page now have just one Save option instead of two, this makes things much simpler than before.
version 2.0.4 - 01.03.2015
- fix: improvements on licence activation
version 2.0.3 - 12.02.2015
- fix: updated jQuery with latest version available(1.11.2)
version 2.0.2 - 02.02.2015
- warning fix: removed warning "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '['..." 
version 2.0.1 - 27.01.2015
- Fix: removed warning for products not having any wootabs set
version 2.0.0 - 20.01.2015
- New Feature: Now you can change the order of WooTabs, Global WooTabs and WooCommerce Default Tabs.
- New Feature: Added Purchase Code Verification(<a href="http://codecanyon.net/item/wootabsadd-extra-tabs-to-woocommerce-product-page/7891253/faqs/22870">read here instructions for activating it</a>)
version 1.2.3 - 19.10.2014
- change: WooTabs loads only on Product Pages making your site load faster than before
version 1.2.2 - 28.09.2014
- bug fix: removed category selection for showing Tabs in the product details page
version 1.2.1 - 13.08.2014
- change: added ability to use addon plugins, first addon to be available is for WPML
- change: added the ability to show Global Tabs on selected or all WooCommerce categories
version 1.2 - 21.07.2014
- change: added RTL support
- change: added the ability to show WooTabs before or after default WooCommerce Tabs
- bug: fixed a debug error
version 1.1.3 - 12.06.2014
- bug fix: enabled slideshow in WooTab js files
version 1.1.2 - 06.06.2014
- change: Global Tabs now show after WooCommerce Tabs
- bug fix: tabs disappearing randomly v.2
version 1.1.1 - 05.06.2014
- bug fix: tabs disappearing randomly
version 1.1 - 04.06.2014
- bug fix: not saving a product after adding tabs
- bug fix: user cant delete last tab
Version 1.0 - 01.06.2014
- First Release