WooThumbs - Awesome Product Imagery

WooThumbs - Awesome Product Imagery

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Wow your customers and increase your sales with WooThumbs; the most versatile product imagery plugin for WooCommerce.

Don’t let your high-quality product images be ignored in a dull, static image gallery. Get your customers clicking, sliding, zooming, enlarging, pinching, swiping, and craving your products in an immersive gallery that makes your beautiful product shots shine.

Some of the Features

  • WooCommerce Image Zoom
  • WooCommerce Image Carousel
  • Thumbnail Navigation
  • Touch Gestures
  • WooCommerce Fullscreen Gallery
  • Multiple Images per Variation
  • Horizontal, Vertical, and Fade Modes
  • Fully Responsive
  • WooCommerce Product Video
  • Fully Customisable
  • RTL Compatible
  • Multiple Layout Options
  • WPML Compatible
  • Compatible with any Image Swatch Plugin
  • Compatible with any Theme

WooCommerce Image Zoom

Give your customers the next best experience to seeing your product in-person. Allow them to get up-close and personal, and to fully appreciate the quality of your product with WooThumbs’ Image Zoom; at least until they get their hands on it!

Showcase your WooCommerce product images beautifully, and in the order you choose, with WooThumbs’ high-impact Image Carousel. Allow your customers to easily view all of your product images without having to leave the “product detail” area of your product page.

Touch Gestures

Fear mobile devices and touchscreens no longer! WooThumbs is touch-ready, and allows your customers to use swipe gestures to view all of your product imagery quickly and easily.

Make your customers fall even further in love with your products using a large, full screen image gallery for a premium, uninterrupted product viewing experience. The full screen gallery also enables pinch-zoom on touch devices, and click-zoom on desktop devices.

WooCommerce Multiple Images per Variation

Your customers want to see the exact product they are about to purchase; if you have product variations in WooCommerce, WooThumbs allows you to add any number of additional images to a product variation, so your customers will feel confident they are buying the right product.

Easy image Navigation

Customers want to be able to easily navigate through your product imagery to get a proper understanding of what your product is like, and WooThumbs has a variety of options for that; sliding thumbnails, stacked thumbnails, and bullet navigation.

Fully Responsive

Don’t lose customers with a sub-par mobile or tablet viewing experience. WooThumbs is fully responsive, allowing you to set breakpoints, and modify the layout of your images on smaller devices, so your potential customers can view and make their purchase quickly and intuitively.

WooCommerce Product Video

Customers love to see your products in action and in-use. Seal the deal and instil confidence in your customers with WooThumbs’ Product Video feature. Show your customers exactly what your product is like, or how it works.

Customisable Design and Layouts

It’s great having all these extra features for your product imagery, but if it doesn’t fit with the style of your website, what’s the point? Thankfully, Woothumbs is fully customisable!

You can move your thumbnail navigation above, below, left, or right of your main images, modify the icon colours, change the image size, choose the number of thumbnails to display in a row, modify the thumbnail spacing, and more.


These are the latest updates, the full changelog is available in the ReadMe file once downloaded.

**v4.5.2** (12.09.2016)  
[fix] Get selected variation  
[fix] Wrong name for outside zoom setting - will need to be set back to "Outside" after updating  
[update] Add clear image cache button back to settings page  
[update] Add Iconic dashboard  
[udpate] Update transient names  
[update] Add more filters

**v4.5.1** (04.09.2016)  
[update] Added some additional hooks/filters  
[update] Transition old meta from previous WooThumbs version  
[fix] Stop image changing for bundled product  
[update] Make sure only variable products are watched  
[fix] Get selected variation when defaults are set too  
[fix] WPML - make sure image attachment is translated  
[fix] Fix WP All Import when variations are new

**v4.5.0** (22.08.2016)  
[update] Plugin has been renamed to iconic-woothumbs - finally!  
[update] Remove redux framework requirement. Current settings will be transitioned.  
[update] Better selection of image when no featured is set for a variation  
[fix] Issue on frontend when clearing fields by deselecting swatch  
[update] Ability to import variation images when using WP All Import

**v4.4.15** (15.06.2016)  
[fix] Fix resize timeout issue  
[update] Tidy JS  
[mod] Disable zoom preloading for speed

**v4.4.14** (15.06.2016)  
[update] Added SCRIPT_DEBUG code  
[update] Option to "maintain slider index" on image change  
[fix] Stacked thumbnails not loading  
[update] Delay reset incase variation hasn't populated yet  
[update] Add all images to "Large Image Size" option  
[update] Compatibility with WooCommerce shortcodes
[update] Compatibility with Quickview  
[update] Relative admin_url