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Wordpress Calendar

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3MB WordPress Calendar1.91074.83
4Wordpress Calendar1.7430
5LBEvents for WordPress1.3383.25
6Another Events Calendar1800+4.4
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Wordpress Calendar is a system that allows you to organize events that you have in each month, week or day, it also allows you to choose the day that each week begins, whether to include or not Saturdays and Sundays. This system have also many options that will make you able to choose the way you want to organize your events and you can also choose the language of the calendar.

Wordpress calendar is a calendar system that gets displayed to a wordpress page or post through a shortcode. Event information is displayed through a modal or custom page (template from theme). The event that gets rendered to the calendar is created by administrators or events from Google Calendar according to settings page.

The events displayed on a template page are subject to a lot of creativity based on the current theme.

This event system was created on top of Wordpress API and is required to run on wordpress installations above 4.4


  • Add, Edit, Delete, View, Export, Update Calendar Events
  • Quick Add Events
  • Update events with drag and drop
  • Update events on resize
  • Create custom categories
  • Category Filtering by Posts or Color
  • Synchronize Events with google calendar
  • Repeating Events
  • Set Custom Colors
  • View Events on Modal or a Custom theme template
  • View Events on Modal
  • Import Events (.ics)
  • Custom Styling
  • Multilingual

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