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Now you can take credit card payments & subscriptions directly from your website even if you are not a programmer!

WP Full Stripe

Full Stripe is a WordPress plugin designed to make it easy for you to accept payments and create subscriptions from your WordPress site. Powered by Stripe, you can embed payment forms into any post or page and take payments directly from your website without making your customers leave for a 3rd party website. You can also pay others from your account balance using the bank transfer feature.


  • NEW: Any number of payment forms can be embedded into a page or post!
  • NEW: The plugin can auto-update to the latest version with the click of a button!
  • NEW: Form shortcode generator added for embedding forms easily into pages and posts (simple copy’n’paste)!
  • NEW: AliPay support added for one-time payments on Stripe checkout-style payment forms.
  • NEW: Subscriptions can now be deleted on the “Subscribers” page.
  • NEW: The “Payments” page has got a new layout and a search box. Find payments based on customer’s name, email address, Stripe customer id, Stripe charge id, or mode (live/test).
  • Securely take payments from any page or post on your Wordpress website
  • Allow your users to subscribe for recurring (ever-running, terminating) payments with setup fees and non-standard intervals
  • Collect one-time payments for set amount, custom amount, or amount selectable from list
  • Customize the forms: add custom fields, style the forms with custom CSS
  • Send custom payment emails
  • Stripe Checkout style responsive payment forms
  • Easily view your received payments, subscribers, plans and more
  • Fully supported, professionally written and regularly updated software


WP Full Stripe has been fully tested and working on WordPress version 3.5.2+ including the latest version 4.6.1. The plugin will be updated in the future if WordPress updates any functionality it relies upon. Full Stripe will also work with any theme and you can easily style the forms if you require.

The plugin supports Stripe in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States, plus beta versions in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Singapore and Spain. Private beta countries are Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Hong Kong and Switzerland. Please note that the bank transfer feature is only available to US Stripe accounts at this time.


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Would you like to create a membership website using WP Full Stripe? Protect your website content only allowing paying subscribers with our latest add-on WP Full Stripe Members. This is a fully featured membership site plugin that seamlessly integrates with WP Full Stripe.

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It is highly recommended you use SSL with this plugin to provide extra security for your customers. Note: you must buy an SSL certificate to use HTTPS on your web server.


As always, there is full support available at: http://mammothology.com/forums

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November 2nd 2016 (v3.7.0)

June 3rd 2016 (v3.6.0) March 15th 2016 (v3.5.1) February 21st 2016 (v3.5.0) December 6th 2015 (v3.4.0) October 30th 2015 (v3.3.0) August 22nd 2015 (v3.2.0) July 18th 2015 (v3.1.1) June 25th 2015 (v3.1.0) December 30th 2014 December 5th 2014 November 4th 2014 – We’re now at version 3.0! Over 1 years worth of regular updates & new features October 16th 2014 October 7th 2014 September 7th 2014 August 30th 2014 July 23rd 2014 July 20th 2014 June 23rd 2014 June 21st 2014 June 18th 2014 May 5th 2014 Apr 20th 2014 Apr 19th 2014 Apr 13th 2014 Mar 21st 2014 Feb 17th 2014 Feb 15th 2014 Jan 26th 2014 Jan 15th 2014 Dec 27th 2013 Nov 15th 2013 Nov 8th 2013 Nov 2nd 2013 Oct 11th 2013 Oct 4th 2013 Sept 8th 2013 Aug 24th 2013 Aug 22nd 2013 Aug 15th 2013 Aug 7th 2013