WP PRO Advertising System - All In One Ad Manager

WP PRO Advertising System - All In One Ad Manager

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Wordpress Advertising Plugin Lifetime free updates

Nr1 Advertising solution for WordPress

Easy to use ad manager

Manage your ads the easy way!

The “WP PRO Advertising System” WordPress Plugin allows you to manage advertisements on your WordPress site. It has many powerful features to put ads on your website, manage advertisers, campaigns, banners & adzones all in just a few seconds.

Beside adding normal banners this plugin allows you to create Corner Peel Ads, Popup Banners and you can even transform your post/page backgrounds into advertisements. It also tracks clicks, impressions & CTR to give you very clean and detailed statistics.

If you are looking for a simple, easy and very professional way to manage advertisements on your website this plugin is what you’re looking for!

Compatible with:
Woocommerce Buy and Sell ads Paypal, Stripe Buy and Sell ads Visual Banner Creator Wordpress Geo Targeting MailChimp Advertisements Google Analytics

Most Complete Advertising Plugin for Wordpress - Ad Manager

Create banners just like posts

Add Banners to your Website

Clean en Detailed Ad Statistics

Corner Peel Ads

Developer API

Developer API

Why Customers Love This Plugin

Main Features

#1 Advertisers.
        #2 Campaigns.
        #3 Banners.
#4 Adzones.
        #5 Statistics.
        #6 Popup Ads.
#7 Background Ads.
        #8 Shortcodes.
        #9 Responsive Ads.

#1 Manage Advertisers

Creating a profile for each advertiser gives you a clean overview.

#2 Manage Campaigns

Create multiple advertising campaigns for each advertiser. this way you can combine multiple ads together.

#3 Manage Banners

You can choose between multiple options to add banners.
  1. Upload a banner from your computer or Link an external banner
  2. Paste HTML Code (adSense, iframes, HTML5, SVG, ...)
  3. Optional: Using the “Visual Banner Creator” Add-On you can Visually create banners directly on your website.

#4 Manage Adzones

You can place adzones anywhere you want on your website. As soon as you link a banner to an adzone it will be visible on your site. Adzones can be any size. There are 4 ways to add adzones to your website.
  1. Template tag: a PHP function you can include into your template.
  2. Shortcode: a shortcode you can use inside your posts/pages.
  3. Widgets: Use the custom Pro Ads widget to show your ads in the sidebar or widget areas.
  4. Iframes: this option even allows you to take your ads outside of the main website. Now you can place your ads on every website you want but still control them from 1 admin panel!

#5 Track statistics

Keep a clean and detailed overview of how many impressions/clicks your ads get and calculate the CTR for every banner, adzone, campaign and advertiser. Its also possible to export statistics to PDF.
Beside the banner information the plugin also tracks specific user info for each click and impression. The following information gets saved:
  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Browser
  • Platform
  • Country
  • City
  • IP address

#6 Popup Advertisements

Open your Adzones as a Popup to track the user’s attention! Every popup can be customized differently. You can adjust the background color and the opacity of the popup background using the simple Shortcode Editor.

#7 Background Advertisements

Transform your background into an advertisement. Adzones can be loaded as background ads on any post/page. Every post/page can have a different advertising background.

#8 Shortcode Editor

One of the options to add banners to your website is by [shortcodes]. To make it even easier we included a Shortcode Editor that will create the shortcodes for you, exactly the way you want.

#9 Responsive Ads

Show ads on any device.

#10 MailChimp Ready

Add advertisements to your MailChimp Newsletters. All adzones have their own RSS feed which makes it possible to load your banners into MailChimp and display them in your newsletters.


Buy and Sell Ads – WooCommerce – Add-On

Sell your empty adzones directly from the frontend of your website using WooCommerce!
Make sure you check out the “Pro Ads Buy and Sell – WooCommerce” Add-On. This plugin adds more options to the WP Pro Advertising System. It allows you to sell ad spots on your website, let users upload their own banners and check their own banner statistics!

Sell advertisements on your website using WooCommerce

Buy and Sell Ads – Add-On

Sell your empty adzones directly from the frontend of your website!
Make sure you check out the “Pro Ads Buy and Sell” Add-On. This plugin adds more options to the WP Pro Advertising System. It allows you to sell ad spots on your website, let users upload their own banners and check their own banner statistics!

Visual Banner Creator Add-On

Create banners directly from your website!
Make sure you check out the “WP Pro Visual Banner Creator”. This plugin allows you to create banners directly from your website to use with the WP Pro Ad System!

WP Pro Geo Targeting

Show specific banners based on the users geo location using the “WP Pro Geo Targeting” plugin!

Pre Post Ads

Show advertisements before posts and pages. This add-on allows you to show an advertisement before the specific content becomes visible.

Layers – Add-On

The Advertising Layers WP – Add-On allows you to easily add advertisements to your Layers powered Wordpress site.

localization files

This plugin uses localization files for translating the plugin to any language.

Online Preview


V4.7.3 - November 06 - 2016
    - Added option to disable the Asynchronous JS Tag.
    - Added shortcode [wpproads_clearfix]
    - Fixed issue with RSS feed when Google Analytics are activated.

V4.7.2 - October 13 - 2016
    - HTML5 improvement, added data-* to banner duration attribute.
    - Added slider support for JS TAG.
    - Improved AD Dashboard for non-admins (if using the buy and sell add-on).

V4.7.1 - July 8 - 2016
    - Updated docs/faq links.
    - Fixed issue with campaigns not being selectable.

V4.7.0 - June 21 - 2016
    - New/Improved Dashboard.
    - Added Asynchronous JS Tag for showing ads and faster page loads.

V4.6.20 - May 21 - 2016
    - Added option to rename the default adzone class (wppaszone) to improve adblocker detection.
    - Added option to turn off/on page W3 total page caching.
    - Started adding Cornerstone - page builder integration.
    - Fixed wppas_ga undefined error.

V4.6.19 - April 22 - 2016
    - Added icon to add_menu_page.
    - Removed deprecated add_object_page function.
    - Fix for flying ads showing directly after page load.

V4.6.18 - April 11 - 2016
    - Added Prevent w3tc caching for banners.
    - Added cronjob detection for REMOTE_ADDR IP error.
    - Added adblocker detection improvements.
    - Improved admin backend styling.
    - Fixed text/html ads not showing on mobile devices.

V4.6.17 - February 10 - 2016
    - Added default adzone image option for background ads.
    - Improved classes for PHP 7 support.
    - Fixed banner filtering on campaigns.
    - Fixed campaign limiting for flying ads.
    - Fixed issue where developing output got returned.

V4.6.16 - January 29 - 2016
    - Added popup delay option.
    - Improved Ajax adzone rotation.
    - Removed getimagesize() to detect image size.
    - Disabled page scrolling when popup ad is open.
    - Reduced amount of queries to show popup/flyin ads. 
    - Improved responsive banners for devices.
    - Improved shortcode editor. It now updates the template tag aswel.

V4.6.15 - January 27 - 2016
    - Huge speed update for statistics pages.
    - Updated robots list.
    - Updated user IP script.
    - Fixed hide_if_loggedin for popup ads.

V4.6.14 - January 25 - 2016
    - Updated - ajax request for new jQuery requirements.
    - Updated - the way plugins_url loads folder structure.
    - Fixed  - array output for popups.

V4.6.13 - January 22 - 2016
    - Added option to remove  the background from popups. nobg=1
    - Improved general settings CSS code editor.
    - Changed Widget names "wppas_custom_widgets" to prevent adblockers detection.
    - Updated paths for SSL support. plugins_url()
    - Fixed issue for campaigns running past due date.

V4.6.12 - December 12 - 2015
    - Added option to block IP addresses for statistics.
    - Added stripslashes for custom css output.
    - Added DOING_AJAX check to daily updates.
    - Fixed undefined banner_is_html5 notice when saving banners.
    - Fixed issue with shortcode editor adzone_flyin_position.
    - Fix for single multisite activation. is_plugin_active_for_network.

V4.6.11 - October 18 - 2015
    - Added option to add background ads to divs with classes.
    - Added nonInteraction = true to GA to fix bounce rate issue.
    - Added default url option for empty adzones. 
    - Added option to hide close button and close popup ads automatically after x seconds.
    - Updated banner categories. Tags and custom post type categories got removed by default. A filter is included to add extra options like post tags. add_filter('wp_pro_ads_banner_limit_categories');
    - Fixed popup adzone cookie issue.
    - Fixed issue with geo targeting and popup ads.
    - Fixed http://tunasite.com/helpdesk/ftopic/errorexception-in-pro_ads_banners-php-line-128/

V4.6.10 - October 02 - 2015
    - Added option to disable impressions/clicks from statistics.
    - Improved ajax statistics. 
    - Improved the way stats are sended to Google Analytics.

V4.6.9 - September 20 - 2015
    - Added API filter wp_pro_ads_adzone_linked_banners
    - Fixed css path issue.
    - Fixed multisite issue after v4.6.8
    - Fixed banner_is_html5 Index.

V4.6.8 - September 16 - 2015
    - IMPORTANT! Changed plugin folder name to prevent ad blockers. Update instructions: http://wordpress-advertising.tunasite.com/faqs/v4-6-8-update-instructions/
    - Improved file names to prevent ad blockers from blocking files.
    - Fixed query['post_type'] issue with ajax loads.
    - Improved MYSQL SELECT queries for statistics USE INDEX

V4.6.7 - September 5 - 2015
    - Added option that removes plugin registration when plugin gets deleted.
    - Fixed popup close button being showed even if adzone is hidden on the device.
    - Improved some queries.

V4.6.6 - August 28 - 2015
    - Fixed javascript issue popups did not close after v4.6.5

V4.6.5 - August 27 - 2015
    - Added option to use short codes in Widgets.
    - Added fixed_till attribute to shortcode options.
    - Updated adzone full width option.
    - Fixed WP_Widget is deprecated for wordpress v4.3 <

V4.6.4 - August 14 - 2015
    - Added option to limit ads by custom post type categories.
    - Fixed issue with impressions for background ads?
    - Removed welcome screen to prevent too many redirects issue during updates.

V4.6.3 - August 7 - 2015
    - Added option to limit ads by post category.
    - Fixed undefined cookie issue.

V4.6.2 - August 1 - 2015
    - Added option to prevent popup ads and flying ads to show on every page refresh. [pro_ad_display_adzone id="1" popup="1" cookie="1"] 
    - Removed plugin post types from being visible on the front end. 
    - Using WP_Query instead of get_posts to load banners/
    - Added adzone_default_url to API

V4.6.1 - July 18 - 2015
    - Added option to use HTML5 banners.
    - Added grid_container class to ad grids for easy styling.
    - Added the option to link banners directly to the Buy and Sell Order page.
    - Added default adzone images for ad grids.
    - Added Brazilian translation files (thanks to Dennis)
    - improved plugin updates.

V4.6.0 - June 16 - 2015
    - Added device percentage statistics.
    - Fixed rss issue not showing banners.
    - Removed advertising post types from archives.
    - Updated some wrong database names.

V4.5.9 - June 09 - 2015
    - Fixed issue time_by_timezone() error with global $pro_ads_main missing.

V4.5.8 - June 08 - 2015
    - Improved statistic dates for local timezones.
    - Improved user geo statistics to prevent simplexml_load_string() errors. If the Geo Targeting Plugin (http://bit.ly/wpgeotargeting) is installed the advertising system will use it to receive the users geo location.
    - Removed console.log alerts from javascript.
    - Fixed issue with popup ads opening even if banner is inactive.
    - Fixed database error for new stats.

V4.5.7 - May 24 - 2015
    - Update for Buy and Sell Ads Woocommerce - general settings.
    - Update: Default adzone images can now be used to replace the default "advertise here" button for the Buy and Sell Add-Ons.
    - Fixed issue with atributes for iframe ads.
    - Fixed issue with reorder linked banner Ids when its empty.

V4.5.6 - May 15 - 2015
    - Added Exit Popup option.
    - Added filter to hide post ads (wpproads_show_adzone_in_post).
    - Improved ajax banner loading.
    - Fixed issue with $wpproads_enable_post_ads array.
    - Fixed rotation time issue.

V4.5.5 - May 04 - 2015
    - Major Statistics improvement. 
    - Added option to select how detailed you want to track statistics. (hourly, daily)
    - Improved ads for caching systems.
    - Updated adzone_hide_empty and adzone_no_buyandsell for ad grids.

V4.5.4 - May 02 - 2015
    - Added option to remove statistics after a certain amount of days. 
    - Fixed get_advertisers() bug 
    - Fixed issue with responsive adzones when using ajax load. 

V4.5.3 - April 27 - 2015
    - Added automatic plugin update option.
    - Improved file names for preventing AdBlocks

V4.5.2 - April 20 - 2015
    - Added option to hide banners on specific devices.
    - Added option to show campaigns during a daily specific time period.
    - Improved the way banners are loaded.
    - Fixed issue with RSS file.

V4.5.1 - April 14 - 2015
    - Integrated Google Analytics API for statistics.
    - Added option to hide adzones for specific devices.

V4.5.0 - April 9 - 2015
    - Added option to load banners in adzones using ajax.
    - Improved the way statistics are loaded.

V4.4.9 - April 5 - 2015
    - Added Statistics PDF export option. 
    - Added rotation option for equal banner views.
    - Added default adzone image option that shows when the adzone is empty.
    - Added option to remove Buy and Sell options for specific adzones.

V4.4.8 - April 4 - 2015
    - Added plugin version to admin javascript files to prevent caching issues.
    - Fixed ajax rotation issue.
    - Fixed Multisite issue.

V4.4.7 - April 1 - 2015
    - Added AJAX rotation option to load rotating ads in real time. (only for BX Slider option)
    - Added option to remove link masking for specific banners. 
    - Fixed issue with the iframe adzone export code.

V4.4.6 - March 30 - 2015 
    - Added API for developers. This allows developers to add default adzones to their Wordpress themes and plugins. http://wordpress-advertising.tunasite.com/developer-api/

V4.4.5 - March 29 - 2015 
    - Added option to load ads in random order for rotating adzones.
    - Updated date() to default Wordpress date_i18n() to enable translation.
    - Updated UI date picker date format. It now uses the selected default Wordpress date format.
    - Improved banner preview.
    - Improved css settings.
    - Improved translation functions.

V4.4.4 - March 25 - 2015
    - Added referral link to statistics to detect impressions/clicks from remote site.
    - Fixed Popup banners showing even when no banners where added and adzone options are set to "hide if empty".
    - Fixed issue with impressions for multisites not getting saved on subsites. Make sure to re-save your statistics settings in the AD Dashboard if you are using multisite.
    - Fixed issue with adzone search.

V4.4.3 - March 23 - 2015
    - Added AD Blocker detection. Filter included for custom action is AD Blocker gets detected. add_filter('wp_pro_ads_adblock_detected', 'your_function');
    - Improved update issue affecting page loading time.

V4.4.2 - March 20 - 2015
    - Added option to change the center paragraph block number to show post ads.
    - Improved classes to reduce the chance ads being blocked by AdBlockers.

V4.4.1 - March 16 - 2015
    - Improved the adzone info text option. Its now possible to add a link and image.
    - Added positions to Fly In Ads. top-left, top-center, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-center, bottom-right.
    - Improved time for statistics. It now uses current_time() to use the websites default timezone.
    - Added banner positioning for ad grids.
    - Added shortcode to show single banners not linked to an adzone [pro_ad_display_banner id=""]

V4.4.0 - March 14 - 2015
    -  Improved code for widgets in multisites.

v4.3.9 - March 13 - 2015
    - Improved code for shortcodes/widgets in multisites.

v4.3.8 - March 12 - 2015
    - Added shortcode [hide_post_ads] to hide automatic post ads om selected posts or pages.
    - Fixed issue with advertising menu not showing for buy and sell woocommerce add-on.

V4.3.7 - March 04 - 2015
    - Added clickTAG support for flash banners.

V4.3.6 - February 27 - 2015
    - Added option to hide ads for logged in users.
    - Added filter to custom show/hide adzones. add_filter('wp_pro_ads_show_adzone', 'your_function');

V4.3.5 - February 20 - 2015
    - Fixed issue with ads not showing when adzone max banners are set to 1.
    - Enabled shortcodes in HTML banners.

V4.3.4 - February 18 - 2015
    - Added multiple adzone styling options.
    - Added vertical banner slide effect.
    - Improved adzone info text options.
    - Improved the way scripts are loaded. Scripts now only load if they are needed.
    - Replaced rotation option Flexslider with BXslider for better customization.

V4.3.3 - February 13 - 2015
    - Improved flexslider rotation functionality.
    - Improved database updates.
    - Included Spanish translation files thanks to Mariano Gutierrez.

V4.3.2 - February 10 - 2015
    - Loaded translation files earlier to translate custom post types. 
    - Fixed issue with iframe ads. 

V4.3.1 - Februari 9 - 2015
    - Added option to keep fixed adzone sizes.

V4.3.0 - February 9 - 2015
    - Added new banner rotation option.
    - Added the option to select the time for each banner in rotation.
    - Improved responsive banners. All banner sizes are now responsive.
    - Fixed localization issue with wrong path to .mo/.po files.

V4.2.9 - February 8 - 2015
    - Added minified javascript files to improve loading time.

V4.2.8 - February 7 - 2015
    - Improved Multisite functions.
    - Added option to select different banners for desktop, tablet and phones.

V4.2.7 - February 4 - 2015
    - Updated post ads to show on WooCommerce product pages.
    - Updated code for Add-Ons Buy and Sell Ads WooCommerce and Buy and Sell Ads.

V4.2.6 - February 4 - 2015
    - Update for the Buy and Sell Ads Woocommerce Add-On.
    - Fixed issue with display adzone looping adzone text.

V4.2.5 - February 3 - 2015
    - Added option to limit statistics by advertiser, campaign, banner or adzone.
    - Fixed banner url for multisite subsites.
    - Fixed Visual Composer loading issue.

V4.2.4 - February 2 - 2015
    - Added option to remove all plugin data on uninstall.
    - Added option to make adzones sticky when they reach the top of the page.
    - Added option to add text above the adzone.
    - Fixed issue with responsive ads not being centered.
    - Improved code for multisite installations.

V4.2.3 - February 1 - 2015
    - Added Fly In banner option.
    - Added alignment option to Post Ads to automatically wrap text around the advertisement.
    - Improved responsive banners.
    - Improved recognition for mandatory fields (advertiser, campaign) when creating banners.
    - Cleaned shortcode generator.

V4.2.2 - January 29 - 2015
    - Added option to add clean permalinks. 
    - Added option to show/hide the admin bar.

V4.2.1 - January 24 - 2015
    - Added welcome screen
    - Added option to select the type (unique/all) of clicks and impressions you want to save.
    - Fixed issue with multisite automatic post ads not showing on sub-sites. 
    - Added custom class option for adzone containers. [pro_ad_display_adzone id="1" class="your_class"]

V4.2.0 - January 17 - 2015
    - Hided custom post types from search.
    - Added all post types to the list for automatic ads.

V4.1.9 - January 15 - 2015
    - Made plugin ready for the latest version of the Buy and Sell Ads Add-On.
    - Fixed issue with clicks on background when no bg ads are activated.

V4.1.8 - January 14 - 2015
    - Included Adzone RSS feed option.
    - RSS feed allows you to load adzones into MailChimp newsletters.

V4.1.7 - January 13 - 2015
    - Added option to select adzones that will be added to all posts.
    - Improved the way flash banners get embed.
    - Improved the way user date for stats gets loaded.

V4.1.6 - January 12 - 2015
    - Updated WP_ADS_DIR path using WP_PLUGIN_DIR
    - Started implementing Banner Geo Targeting. 
    - Fixed Flash fallback image being visible always .

V4.1.5 - January 09 2015
    - Added Flash fallback image option.
    - Added Corner Peeler option.

V4.1.4 - January 08 2015
    - Improved the way statistics get saved.
    - Updated user geo data. Much faster data loading.

V4.1.3 - January 04 2015
    - Fixed statistics pagination issue.
    - Fixed issue with statistics impressions ip address.
    - Fixed issue with empty background ads link redirects.
    - Updated file_get_contents() to cURL for retrieving statistics user data.

V4.1.2 - December 28 2014
    - added visual banner creator add-on option.
    - cleaned some js 

V4.1.1 - December 26 2014
    - Fixed link target for background ads.
    - Fixed issue with rotation for ad grids.
    - Fixed JS issue with clickable adzone from background adzones.

V4.1.0 - December 21 2014
    - Ad order in Ad Grids (multiple banners at once) can now be customized.
    - added filter "wp_pro_ads_load_adzone_banners" to adzones. It allows you to customize the query and specify which banners should be loaded into the adzone.

V4.0.9 - December 18 2014
    - Fix for rotating adzones not longer rotating after v4.0.7.

V4.0.8 - December 18 2014
    - Updated code to work with the new Buy and Sell Ads - WooCommerce Add-On.

V4.0.7 - December 14 2014
    - Fixed issue with statistics year format.
    - Fixed issue with php warning when user stats data is disabled.
    - Fixed custom css not being added to head.
    - Updated adding banners to adzone while creating a new banner.

V4.0.6 - December 9 2014
    - Hided ads post meta from post/pages edit.php.
    - Fixed drag drop issue for widgets and menus.
    - Fixed issue with color picker.

V4.0.5 - December 7 2014
    - Improved banner upload popup.
    - Improved some CSS.
    - Added option to load adzones as background ads.

V4.0.4 - December 4 2014
    - updated position of WP notices on the plugins AD dashboard.
    - Added option to disable statistics and user data statistics.
    - Added option to open Adzones as a popup.
    - Added shortcode editor to easy create adzone shortcodes.

V4.0.3 - December 3 2014
    - Fixed link for adminbar buttons from the frontend.
    - Fix for banner startdate
    - Added option to hide empty adzones.
    - Added the option to link banners to adzones from the edit banners page.
    - Fixed issue with iframe adzones not showing.

V4.0.2 - December 2 2014
    - Fix to center Adzones.
    - Added adminbar shortcut links.
    - Fixed issue with shortcode showing banners on top of the page. 

V4.0.1 - December 1 2014
    - First batch of improvements for the new 4.0.0 plugin.

V4.0.0 - December 1 2014
    - Complete rewritten and improved plugin to meet the standards of Worpress 4.0! 

NOTE: If you are updating from a previous version make sure to remove the plugin first before installing the new version!! 
Updating from previous versions to 4.0.+ will remove all previous advertisers, campaigns, banners, adzones and statistics. You will restart from scratch but with an amazing new and improved plugin!
Managing your advertisements has never been easier!

V3.2.5 - August 30 2014
    - Plugin is now compatible with Visual Composer! Advertisements can now also be added to your website using the Visual Composer.

V 3.2.4 - July 26 2014
    - Added the option to add rel=nofollow to the links.

V 3.2.3 - February 28 2014
    - Fixed possible banner update issue.

V 3.2.2 - February 08 2014
    - Fixed possible javascript issue using Italian translation.
    - Fixed issue with statistics.

V 3.2.1 - December 09 2013
    - Fixed problem with wp_enqueue_media not existing in older WP versions.
    - Added the absolute image path to getimagesiez() after file uploads.
    - Added the Buy And Sell option to Multiple banner adzones.

V 3.2.0 - November 26 2013
    - Fixed problem with Adzone Code IDs.

V 3.1.9 - November 11 2013
    - Text ads can now be visible in statistics. clicks, Impressions and CTR.
    - Improved the way banners are saved and previewed.
    - Updated issue with pro_ad_display_multiple().

V 3.1.8 - November 10 2013
    - Improved the way the ad zone code and options classes popup is loaded.

V 3.1.7 - November 9 2013
    - Added the standard WP Media uploader to add advertisements for admins.
    - Improved the way standar uploads are done. 
    - Improved the way transactions are saved. for the Add-on Buy and Sell ads.

V 3.1.6 - November 8 2013
    - Updated some CSS code.
    - Some improvements in the code for the Add-On Buy and Sell Ads.

V 3.1.5 - November 7 2013
    - The "Pro Ads Buy and Sell" Add-On is Back!
    - Updated the code to allow the "Pro Ads Buy and Sell" plugin to add more options into play!

V 3.1.4 - November 5 2013
    - Started Updating and Cleaning all PHP code.
    - Started moving functions to Classes.
    - Improved ajax loads using the Default Wordpress method.

V 3.1.3 - November 3 2013
    - Improved the load time of the banners admin page.
    - Added link to Flash fallback images.
    - Started cleaning up some php errors from wp_debug mode.

V 3.1.2 - October 10 2013
    - Removed the buggy plugin updater.
    - fixed the display:none; issue on banners to show after Ajax Load.
    - Added the option to use clickTag for the links in flash banners.

V 3.1.1 - September 10 2013
    - Fixed: edit adzone problem.

V 3.1.0 - September 8 2013
    - Fixed the function so campaigns get started when they have to.
    - Added the option to keep using the old stats instead of the new stats version who needs to reset all stats first in order to work.

V 3.0.9 - September 4 2013
    - Updated the way statistics are handled to prevent high database loads. Thanks to "W Nunes" for helping out with the changes.

V 3.0.8 - September 3  2013
    - Fixed: edit adzone problem.

V 3.0.7 - August 31 2013
    - Stopped counting impressions & clicks from search engine bots & spiders to prevent high database loads.

V 3.0.6 - August 20 2013
    - Fixed database rows issue with ad zones.

V 3.0.5 - August 14 2013
    - Fix for possible issue with adding advertisers. ( problem with databases not allowing empty entries ).
    - jQuery fix for Iframe adzones.

V 3.0.4 - June 10 2013
    - Updated tooltips in banners page.
    - Added the option to disable statistics.

V 3.0.3 - May 03 2013
    - Improved widgets output ( $before_widget and $after_widget variables added).
    - Added Responsive AdZone option.

V 3.0.2 - april 19 2013
    - Improved link around Flash Banners.
    - Added custom CSS option.
    - Fixed division by 0 error.
    - Fixed Iframe banner cut-offs.

V 3.0.1 - april 11 2013
    - Wordpress 3.5+ improved code.
    - Added fallback image option for Flash banners.
    - Banner views can now be limited to PPC & PPV values.
    - Improved automatic plugin update system.

... More update info please check the UPDATE file included with your plugin.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 1.0.0 - June 10 - 2011
    - First release.

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