Youtube SEO playlist for wordpress

Youtube SEO playlist for wordpress

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YouTube Playlist SEO with jQuery for Wordpress

Is an unordered list of YouTube links converted into a video playlist. The php script makes the youtube list on a fly and uses the latest Gdata Api v3. You can choose to make a video playlist with keywords, userchannel or a regular youtube playlist. There are many options which can be set in the php script and in the jQuery function. Includes the new html5 youtube player option. This is the only youtube script available with search engine optimalisation (SEO) Almost drag and drop.

A great future is that you will only have to set the widht of the player and the height settings will be auto adjust
So no more messing with advanced css settings !

NEWS 10-04-2015

The youtube API v2 was already depreciated in March 2014 and will be retired on April 20 2015
This doesn’t mean that the V2 will not work anymore after 20 april but could give errors, problems or other dysfunctional behaviour.
I had to rewrite the class to work with the V3 API and removed a lot of functions which are not working anymore.
You now need an API key else it won’t work ( Get your API key here )
I only made this update for you guys instead of deleting this app so it still will be working

I made a small video how to create an API key for the V3 youtube.
To update, Upload, deactivate and activate the plugin again then enter your API key. Then look at the options which are still available.
The css files have not been changed so the best way to update if you have customized the css files is to upload the plugin manually with ftp.

Thanks for understanding, Ceasar

NB for the HD setting by default
If there’s a 720p transcode (HD) available and you want it to play by default, then use a player that’s at least 720px high
-Jeff Posnick, YouTube API Team

Mobile phones and restrictions

I made a small css hack to target mobile phones. Read the support page

Some comments

DEMO: (non wordpress version)

normal version
Playlist to the right

NEW !! CHECKOUT – Vimeo version available

Key Features:

  • Easy to adapt in your wordpress site
  • All colors can be set in plain css
  • OOP based
  • SEO (search engine optimization) optimized. The biggest advantage over other full javascript or flash solutions is that the tiltles and descriptions from the video’s are placed into the source of the page so it can be retrieved by the search engines
  • All scripts are well documented and uses shortcodes
  • Checks if youtube video can be embedded
  • Works in all major browsers

NOTE: The wordpress version doesn’t have the searchbox
This is not a responsive plugin !

Video preview


UPDATE 26-may-2015: Solved php Strict errors

UPDATE 10-apr-2015: Full update to the V3 API. A lot of functions are gone since they don’t work anymore in the latest API (version 5.0)

UPDATE 09-oct-2014: Fixed fullscreen button in Chrome (version 4.9)

UPDATE 24-aug-2014: Added filter option for username (channel)

UPDATE 21-mar-2014: Fixed bug with the youtube API

UPDATE 06-mar-2014:
Added shuffle option (on reload page) with shortcode shuffle=”1” or default admin setting (version 4.8)
To update upload new version, deactivate and activate again

UPDATE 14-sep-2013:
Added new sort reverse option for playlists. To reverse use sort=”reversedPosition” as shortcode or set in the admin. Only for playlists ! (version 4.7)

UPDATE 15-jul-2013:
Choose title and description output in php. Default is title all uppercase and description first letter uppercase and the rest lowercase or false to use the original title and description from youtube

UPDATE 26-jun-2013:
Fixed social icons when slidingshow is true and automatic http/https detection (update only the js files) (version 4.5)

UPDATE 04-jun-2013:
Added social icon pinterest (version 4.4)

UPDATE 12-may-2013:
Fixed social buttons appearing on startup movie and showing a thumb on facebook (update only the js file)

UPDATE 07-may-2013:
IE js bug (version 4.2)

UPDATE 19-apr-2013:
Added HD option (version 4.1)

UPDATE 15-nov-2012:
Updated playlist problem

NEW version 4.0 !

UPDATE 13-sept-2012:

NEW auto loop through playlist

UPDATE 19-aug-2012:
Added an option to select how many playlist items will be visible (default 3)
version 3.1

UPDATE 13-aug-2012: NEW VERSION 3 !
Added the playlist scroll up down feature.
See demo

UPDATE 27-jun-2012: NEW VERSION 2 !

  • Removed the older player version 2 since this AS2 version will expire in october 2012.
  • Removed the HD js parameter. Youtube will auto detect if the player is wide enough to play HD by default.
  • Changed schortcode name to avoid conflicts
  • Added social icons (twitter and facebook)
  • Added an option to show the playlist to the right of the player (see live preview)
  • Added list sliding
  • Added custom scrollbars for webkit en IE browsers for the playlist right version

UPDATE 17-may-2012:
Added color chooser for the player

UPDATE 01-may-2012:
Updated duration notations

UPDATE 03-apr-2012:
Solved bug with order setting admin
Version 1.3

UPDATE 17-mrt-2012:
Added some new settings including the auto playlist (see second example demo)
Version 1.2

Also check out my non wordpress version