WP contact form 7 db & Lead Manager plugin

WP contact form 7 db & Lead Manager plugin

contact form 7 db Storage & Lead Manager plugin allows you to save submission data from Contact Form 7 plugin.

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What is contact form 7 db storage & Lead Manager plugin?

Contact Form 7 Database Storage & Lead Manager plugin not only allows you to save complete submission data via contact form 7 forms, it also helps you export the data on later stage. You can use as much contact forms using Contact Form 7 plugin as you want. This WPCF7 add-on saves data from all of your contact forms to database.

Contact form storage helps you find the old contact form 7 submissions in your WordPress admin. By default CF7 sends you email notifications when someone submits the form on your website. This contact form 7 db add-on records each form submission which can be later reviewed by you.


  1. Quick to install and setup.
  2. Compatible with latest version of Contact Form 7.
  3. Saves data from all Contact Form 7 forms.
  4. Detailed reporting allows you to see which form is sending you more leads.
  5. Export data to CSV file.
  6. Leads insights with User Agents, IP, HTTP Referrer, Landing Page, Submission Page.
  7. Track even deleted Contact Form 7 data.
  8. Works with WordPress V4.0 to V4.9


  1. lead Manager Interface will allow you to manage all leads and correspond to the inquiries using your WordPress admin instead of your email address.
  2. Tag each lead with tags like “answered, replied, followed up, waiting for response”.
  3. Pop3 Integration will allow you to receive all the inquiries and replies in WordPress control panel.
  4. Filter data via drop down with different contact forms.
  5. Multi-Lingual Version.

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