Contact Form by Corgi Forms – The simplest contact form for WordPress

Simple and beautiful contact form. This might be the only contact form that you will ever need.

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This might be the only contact form that you will ever need.

Do you need a simple contact form, yet don’t want to install a heavy form builder that promises to take you to the moon and back?

Do you want to provide just the basic fields for a user to contact you? Do you want to be notified with a simple email when a user sends you a message through the form?

Then Corgi Forms is the plugin for you.

Corgi Forms is a simple and easy to use alternative to all other contact form plugins. It has only the most basic and needed features.

It is true, it does not have a whole set of custom form fields, it does not have conditional logic or multi page forms. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a form builder powerhouse.

Yet, it has all the basics that you need:

  1. You can choose to display and customize the following form fields: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Message Subject, Message Content and Submit Button.

  2. Upon form success you can choose to display a custom message to the user, to redirect them to one of your WordPress pages or redirect them to a custom URL.

  3. You can send admin email notifications to multiple email addresses. You can also customize the email message to your liking.

  4. It has all form settings in place. You just need to add the [corgi_form] shortcode to a post or page and you’re ready to go. Of course, you can customize these settings to your needs.