CT Commerce

CT Commerce

e-commerce Web app built for WordPress. Mostly runs on frontend for better website speed and performance

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The idea behind this plugin is built a plugin from scratch without gluing bunch of different stuffs together and make it function.It runs mainly on Javascript and jQuery uses server only when necessary, come built with own rating and review features along with overlay image feature
(using AJAX ), plugin in very intuitive and engaging on both front end and backend. Almost everything is built from scratch for better performance.
e-commerce plugin for WordPress, written mainly using Javascript and jQuery. Gives you option to sell your products beautifully. Plugin features option of Strip payment, Cash on delivery. And calculates shipping cost using USPS api , along with Vendor Shipping and Customer store pick up. You can create your own discount and display in frontend using coupon widget.
You have option of using plugin default product page or create post page using plugin and add add to cart short code using WP editor and customise it the way you want.
Plugin also come with built in image overlay feature, which adapts to any screen size to display best possible image resolution and displays image albums.

Plugin also comes wit built in share product feature, which was built from scratch.

Plugin communicates with server only when required to reduce pressure on server.

Plugin has built in user registration and login feature built in using WordPress login feature, without having to go backend to log in.

Plugin come built-in with couple of product cart one as tooltip and other as widget (very intuitive)

Plugin utilises best possible security option available with WordPress against SQL injection and fraudulent activities.

Plugin also has widget to display product based on category and it subcategories.

Plugin also has inventory management feature which notifies you of zero inventory and automatically manages itself based on sales.

Plugin also has sort product features with option of sorting them based on price, thumbs up and date

Plugin comes built in with feature which provides users to thumbs up or thumbs down any product and display rating stats in frontend to customer make decision

Plugin makes good use of AJAX to keep server side and client side communication to minimum(to reduce traffic on server).

You can sell product with different variation(size, gender, color etc)using same name.

Plugin let’s customer review product which can de display in product page.

You can add product video for product .

–Admin Section–
Admin features built in with category bar-chart , sales activities visualisation.

It comes with easy to section where you can create e-commerce site in a snap, it even creates menu to be used in frontend.

You need to add USPS key (if using USPS for shipping ), Stripe Key(if using strip payment) on backend

You need to set up STMP for business for your site to send purchase confirmation to the customer(and comes with builtin email template).

You can add/view/update/remove product categories.

You can create add/categorize/sub-cateorize/view/update/purge product

You can create add/update/remove discount along with promo code and clearance.

You can view pending orders and complete orders and it also print shipping labels for shipping

You can also process refund from backend