Darwin Backup

One click recovery from the worst-case scenarios. Simplest automated backup, restoration and cloning tool for…

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Darwin Backup is the ultimate backup, restoration and cloning tool for non-techies.

There are many backup plugins but restoration has never been this simple, easy, or reliable until now. Darwin Backup is designed to make the restore process as easy as one click and, in most cases, you don’t need even know what your FTP, mysql credentials or directory location. Just point your browser to the link Darwin Backup provides you with, authorize yourself using your WordPress administrator credentials and click ‘Login’ and click ‘Restore’.

WARNING: FileZilla is known to break downloaded archives ! Read more on this in the FAQ below


  • No techincal knowledge required.
  • Backup and restore WPEngine.com-hosted sites
  • Backup and restore sites on the hostings where exec(), passthrough() and pcntl* functions are disabled
  • Backup sites of any size
  • Scheduled backups support
  • Backup both files and database
  • Restore directly to to the server, or over FTP
  • Intercepts upgrade and makes backup before upgrade (optionally)

Most of the users will be able to recover w/o any knowledge about their WordPress setup at all. For the rest, we really try to auto-detect as much as we can, however:

  • with some unusual setups, you might need to know your FTP credentials.
  • when cloning, you will need to know mysql credentials, and, rarely, FTP credentials.

Please let us know if you have trouble restoring at https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/darwin-backup