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We are proudly announce that importing products from BangGood is now available. For more information please visit Our Blog.

Some new features are here to help boost your drop shipping business. DROPSHIX also now include a web application that will enable you to access and use DROPSHIX to manage your store from any mobile devices. Visit Dropshix – Web Application for more information or trial.

An “all in one” tool, where you can import products from AliExpress and Amazon US marketplace (Banggood are coming next) and sell those products directly on your WooCommerce store with an automated price/stock monitoring system, profit automatic calculation and a lot more. Dropshix is built based on your feedbacks, expect it to be more personalized than any other tool. As long as the input is not against the law or it won’t risk your business we’ll try our best to make it happen.

Our main features:

  • Product Importer Tool

    The plugin has a feature to collect items information directly from source website (real time), we’ve created an algorithm that will list all of the best, most popular and most favorite items sold by the highest rated sellers in source website directly inside your WordPress admin panel. The system will provide all the most important information needed by a dropshipper to make a decision whether they want to sell the item or not. The subscriber then can put those items on a “pending” list so they can import it later after they have finished browsing all the products available in the market.

    List of source websites:

    1. AliExpress.
    2. Amazon US.
    3. Banggood (Available from Web Application).
    4. Adihara (Coming soon).
  • Auto Import Product Variations (with the images if available)

    Auto import product variations detail from AliExpress in just one click and sell products with extra choices for your customers. Convert your product into a variable products with the attributes, quantity and prices imported then distributed as how it is from AliExpress, using only a single click. Unlimited variations for each products (ie: if 1 product has 15 variations, we still count it as 1 active items).

  • Import AliExpress Product Categories

    (AliExpress and BangGood – Required DROPSHIX Webapp) Now you can import product categories and its structure with one click of a button. Sync your products on WooCommerce with the source store products by its categories. Easier for a fresh start webstore, setting up product categories is not something you must do anymore. Click here for more info

  • Import Feedbacks and Reviews

    (AliExpress items only – Required DROPSHIX Webapp) Import products feedbacks and ratings from supplier store, makes your product more appealing to customers.

  • Automatic Ordering/Purchasing tool (New release, Require Web Application and Chrome Extension installed)

    After an order made by your customer, you will need to order the item to the source store. With a single click you can start auto order to the vendor store with the correct data for the product details, no more hard labor selecting everything one by one. DROPSHIX will do it for you and run the automation on a single button click. (NOTE: Currently only available for AliExpress products.)

  • Re-Queue Broken Items

    Resetting a product will normally leave leftover files like images, DROPSHIX clean up your leftover images when you deactivate or re-queue your obselete products. Making sure your WooCommerce website is optimized.

  • Price Configuration Profile

    The profit configuration profil system will automate the pricing of your items the moment you import the item. You can set the profit margin for every entry level based on price range you want to have for items sold in your store, set how much difference should the plugin tolerate for changes and how many often before your product price needs to be changed.

  • Stock and Price Monitoring/Analytic

    Algorithm that will check the price movement of an item every 6 hours, the tool then will collect information, mark an item if there is a difference between the data, calculate if there is any possible lost with the profit setting that has been made and automatically updates the item data in your store. Monitor your product price with the changes from the source store. 4 times a day your price will be auto calculated with the source store data. Making sure that you won’t lose any profit.

  • Shipping Tracker

    After an order made by your customer, you will need to order the item to the source store. Then normally to provide your customer with shipping tracking you will need to copy and paste from your order details page in AliExpress. Now, you can easily put in the order number and track number, save it to Dropshix, then store the secure token for that tracking in your WooCommerce order detail dashboard. Then your customer can monitor their purchase shipping right through your store on /my-account/view-order/ page. Making your store looks more professional and trustworthy, thus will bring more profit to you.

  • Epacket Filter (through DROPSHIX product browser)

    You can filter items from AliExpress that is shipped with ePacket. Free shipping with faster shipping time.

  • Private Support Channel

    We treat every store you register as a project. Inside the project you will have a chat room integrated with your dashboard. Personal conversation 24 hours/7, we’ll guide you all the way to gain profit and success in drop shipping business. You can even chat with our dev team for technical issue.

  • Secure Data Storage

    All of your data regarding your transactions, orders to suppliers, and other sensitive data are stored in our cloud server and encrypted. So no one will be able to misuse your information. Please read our “Privacy Policy”.

  • FREE for Life

    All features are running and same support is given for Free account. The only limitation is the number of items actively monitored.

    Please kindly understand that the service requires a lot of resources to maintain and running, so please consider to donate or upgrade your account.

  • More Features to come

    This plugin is growing, and we are planning to add more features. Some of them are:

    1. Auto ordering tool from WooCommerce Order page. (done)
    2. Post to your Facebook page or shop right from your dashboard.
    3. Automatically selling your items to eBay.

We are using a cloud server engine to monitor and perform data import at https://www.dropshix.com/ that owned by us and maintain by our team. Regarding that condition we’ll need your contribution for us to keep maintain our server, that’s why for FREE package we limit the maximum number of listings monitored to 15 active listings. To get more listings monitored you can upgrade your account to paid service, for more information click here.

=New features are coming from your feedback.=

Keep asking, and we’ll try to make it happen. We are committed to make Dropshix as personalized as it can to your usage.

Visit our Resources and Documentations page for more information on Dropshix new features.

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