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Add Booking system to your WordPress site and manage Appointments with ease. Extremely flexible time…

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Add Booking Appointments system to your WordPress site and manage Appointments with ease. Extremely flexible time management. Multiple location, services and workers. Email notifications.

Can be used for : Lawyers, Salons, Mechanic, Cleaning services, Doctors, Spas, Personal trainers , Private Lessons, Escape rooms etc,

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Responsive Appointment form
Responsive Appointment form – two column layout
Full calendar NEW
Standard Appointment form




  • Multiple Locations
  • Multiple Services
  • Multiple Workers
    • Create dedicated calendar for one location / service / worker
  • Create time slots by connecting location – service – worker and date/time
    • Multiple time slots
    • Fine granular option for creating even most complex time table
    • Bulk connections builder
  • Extremely flexible time table
  • Email notifications :
    • Send email notification to customer on creation and update of appointment
    • Send email notification to predefined list of admin users
    • Send email notification to employee
    • Custom content and subject
    • Custom admin email
    • Confirm booking via link provided inside email
    • Cancel booking via link provided inside email
    • HTML content via WYSIWYG editor
    • Custom emails for different status of appointments : pending, reservation, canceled, confirmed
    • Include any information from booking inside email content even from custom fields
  • Single Column Responsive Bootstrap Layout for Appointment form
  • Two Column Responsive Bootstrap layout
  • Custom form fields :
    • Create your own custom form fields in a few clicks
    • textarea
    • select
    • input
    • Make fields required
    • Drag and drop order
    • Google reCAPTCHA v2 NEW
  • Internationalization – support for translations (you can create your own translation >> tutorial <<)
    • German translation (thanks to Matthias)
    • Romanian translation (thanks to Vlad)
    • Polish translation (thanks to Maciej Bauza)
    • Finnish translation thanks to Maija
    • Portuguese translation thanks to Antonio
    • Portuguese Brazil translation thanks to seniweb
  • Labels
    • Hide price
    • Add custom currency
    • Set currency before/after price
    • Custom style
  • Localization of datepicker for 77 different languages (day of week, months)
  • Reports
    • Time table overview
    • Export to CSV (for Calc, Excel…)

Need even more like Google Calendar, iCalendar, WooCommerce or Twilio SMS support?

There is extension plugin that you can buy and add to your Easy Appointments plugin :

  • Google Calendar with 2 way sync
  • iCalendar
  • Twilio SMS notifications
  • WooCommerce integration
  • PayPal integration

For more info follow the link for Extension plugin



Feature requests

This is list of all features that will be added at some point of time :

  • Multi select slots (select more than one slot at time)
  • Whole day selection (for example if you are renting something on daily basis)
  • County field in Location along with improved dropdown selection