WooCommerce Stock Manager in Spreadsheet – WP Sheet Editor

Bulk Edit WooCommerce products inventory (stock) using a spreadsheet.

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Manage WooCommerce products inventory / stock using a spreadsheet.

You can edit these fields in the spreadsheet:
* Product title
* Post status
* Manage stock?
* Stock status
* Stock quantity
* Allow backorders?

You can edit simple products only.

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Spreadsheet Created Specially for WooCommerce.
Edit all types of Products in the spreadsheet.

It works well with Variable Products and Variations, Attributes, and Downloadable Products.

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Edit all product fields, including:

  • sale price
  • regular price
  • gallery
  • short description
  • stock status
  • stock quantity
  • featured image
  • visibility
  • is virtual
  • is downloadable
  • attributes
  • categories
  • tags
  • sale price dates
  • purchase notes
  • enable reviews
  • Shipping class
  • Custom fields
  • And more.

You can add columns for custom fields. Add unlimited columns to the spreadsheet.

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Installation steps

  1. You need to install the free “wp sheet editor” plugin
  2. WooCommerce plugin must be active
  3. Done. You will see the stock columns on the spreadsheet automatically.

What is WP Sheet Editor

WP Sheet Editor is a free plugin that allows you to bulk edit WordPress posts, pages, and WooCommerce products using a spreadsheet.

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