WooCommerce Currency Switcher – Multi-Currency Plugin

WooCommerce Currency Switcher – Multi-Currency Plugin

Woocommerce currency switcher adds multiple currencies to your store and displays product prices according to geographical preferences.

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WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin allows your store visitors to switch currencies. Mutli-Currency Switcher provides both automatic & Manual switching features. The currencies are converted using the correct exchange rate. Woocommerce currency Switcher is a must have plugin to personalize your store by displaying prices in the customers’ local currencies.

All the currencies are listed in Woocommerce Multi Currency Switcher plugin and you can add it from the drop-down menu. You can set the currency value equivalent to the base currency manually or get it from the Yahoo Exchange to get the product prices converted in real time.

Key Benefits Of WooCommerce Currency Switcher

  • Expand your business to different territories by adding their currencies to your store.
  • Increases cart conversions by making your users understood about the price they pay.
  • Let the customers enjoy shopping convenience in their local currency.
  • Get customer support relief in telling every customer about a price equivalent in their currency.

Key Features Of WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin

All Currencies listing

A list of all the currencies is provided in the plugin to let you add any currency you need. It helps you easily convert users of a region into your customers by showing product prices in a currency they are familiar with.

Currency Add / Edit Form

Quickly select a currency from the drop-down and add it to the region. It will allow the users of a specific region to browse products and place orders in their local currency. It will set them free from converting a price from a foreign currency to their local one.

Get online currency value

With Woocommerce currency plugin, get online currency value from Yahoo Exchange and show converted product pricing with the most recent and accurate values. It removes the ambiguity of error in manually updating the value.

Manual currency value

You can set a currency value manually to define a fixed currency exchange rate and avoid any fluctuation in the exchange market. It will require you to keep an eye on the market and change the values accordingly.

Multi-currency drop-down menu

A drop-down menu on the frontend allows your users to switch to any currency they would like to shop in. This shows all the currencies you add to the store to help them select a local or global currency, whichever they select for payments.

More Features of WooCommerce Multi Currency Switcher

  • It displays base currency on the ‘Currency add/edit form’.
  • Users can change currency on:
    • Shop page,
    • Product and Related products page,
    • Cart page and Mini-cart in the header,
    • Shipping and tax details page,
    • Coupons and checkout page

Get more features in the Pro version of Woocommerce Currency Switcher Plugin