Frontend Reset Password

Frontend Reset Password

Let your users reset their forgotten passwords from the frontend of your website.

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Frontend Reset Password lets your site users reset their lost or forgotten passwords in the frontend of your site. No more default WordPress reset form! Users fill in their username or email address and a reset password link is emailed to them. When they click this link they’ll be redirected to your site and asked for a new password. Everything is handled using default WordPress methods including security, so you don’t have to worry.

Frontend Reset Password is perfect for sites that have disabled access to the WordPress dashboard, or if you want to include a lost/reset password form on one of your custom site pages. It also works great with Easy Digital Downloads!

Any error messages display right on the form, including whether the username or email address is invalid.

The plugin works by hooking into the lostpassword_url WordPress filter, meaning compatibility with other plugins can be better maintained.

Frontend Reset Password is also translation ready.

Setup Guide

Step 1

Include our shortcode [reset_password] in any page you want

Step 2

Go to the plugin settings page and select which page your shortcode is on.

Step 3

Customise! This is optional, the plugin works right out of the box, but you’re able to change the text for the form elements.


The text in the lost/reset password forms can be customised. Very little CSS styling is used, so the forms should style with your website theme beautifully.

If you use a frontend login page you can set that in the plugin also. Users are told they can login and are shown the url when they successfully change their password.

You can also set the minimum number of characters required for a password. Default is 0.


Quick start guide included on the plugin settings page. For anything else post on the support forum.