Gallery Showcase for WordPress

Gallery Showcase for WordPress

Gallery Showcase plugin allows you to manage, edit, design and create new galleries showcases or…

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Gallery Showcase is an awesome free WordPress plugin to showcase your WordPres gallery in good presentation view.

This plugin will help you to create gallery such as image gallery, photo album, portfolio showcase and also simple picture to an image slider, image carousel, etc. with up to 6 columns. This free gallery plugin represents a perfect solution for your website.

A Brand New Concept for Custom Image Size

Generally, we are facing an issue with image size while showcasing a gallery on front-end or website because we had different image sizes. We worked with thumbnail settings to provide an option to choose Custom Size. So, you can easily set input (width & height) for image cropping and also you can select checkbox for hard cropping.

This gallery showcase plugin is perfect for you if you looking to design,

  • Wedding album gallery showcase
  • Fashion album gallery showcase
  • Portfolio gallery showcase
  • Photography gallery showcase
  • Product gallery showcase
  • Testimonial gallery showcase
  • Tour gallery showcase
  • Team gallery showcase

Plugin Support

We’re active for any support issues and feature suggestions if you have an any. So I hope you will love it.